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Sanders: When I'm President, Wall Street Foxes Won't Guard Fed Henhouse


Sanders: When I'm President, Wall Street Foxes Won't Guard Fed Henhouse

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite seven years of bank bailouts and alleged financial reform, "Wall Street is still out of control," presidential candidate Bernie Sanders writes in a New York Times op-ed on Wednesday.

In particular, Sanders blames the Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the U.S., which oversees financial institutions and is charged with using monetary policy to maintain price stability and full employment.


This is it folks! Bernie Sanders has the momentum, among the people at least, to win the presidency! His issues-oriented campaign and running as a Democrat (brilliant) is reaching millions even with the corrupt media blackout of his candidacy. He has the issues, the integrity, certainly the energy, and moral conviction behind him, he needs we the people behind him as well. We must pony-up and support his principled campaign (and through our advocacy push Bernie to go further on issues we want him to speak-out on and change). Its either Bernie or its That's All Folks!


Thanks Raven, I have thought the same things but do not want to put any energy into them. The same forces that have taken many leaders (and future leaders) from us by violence are more powerful and entrenched than ever. They would not hesitate to eliminate his leadership of the people to maintain their power and wealth. Bernie is a very canny person and will, I trust, take care of himself......


its a travesty that Sanders is not getting more exposure in the MSM of the same calibre as other candidates. A promise like that one alone is enough to convert more than half of the republicans (yes the GOP!). With their natural distrust of government they would be awesome allies in keeping wall street away from Fed.


I wish you were wrong, but I fear that you are correct.


'Unfortunately, an institution that was created to SERVE ALL AMERICANS has been hijacked by the very bankers it regulates.'

Hmm... I vaguely remember an episode from the Twilight Zone where an alien from a race that has just invaded the planet Earth promising peace and prosperity for all human beings accidentally leaves a book at the United Nations called, To Serve Man. Turned out to be a cookbook.


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Bernie Sanders is the only one who really and truly makes any sense.


Will this shocker ever make the evening news?


How do you " unfix " a " fix ", when its in play, and on display, every night and every day? " Oh, don't believe your lyin' eyes, believe " the fixers ", the wise elders say. After all, look at the last 40 years and think, could there have been any other possible way? Probably not, as long as The Empire and The Courtiers, holds sway. Yeah, folks, they're really trying to make this election, too; a same old shit, different day. And that, like crime, does sometimes pay. Very handsomely, btw.


The same criminal cabal that took out JFK,MLK,RFK and so many others in foreign lands, is still in power and the fact that they felt no remorse about 55,000 American soldiers murdered in Vietnam, not to mention about 2,000,000 Vietnamese and murdered another 3,000 innocent Americans on 911 and that they have never been held accountable tells one they are still in power.

My point is: Bernie will be okay unless these fascist, criminals perceive a real threat from Bernie to their power. You have nothing to be worried about now, but if somehow Bernie does become POTUS and would decide to print Silver Certificates, instead of Federal Reserve Notes, like JFK did, I would definitely be worried!


Alligatorhardt - What Bernie Sanders is proposing is a fundamental change in the culture of the Federal Reserve, and he outlines what he is "calling" for; however the president reserve chairman and vice-chair are selected by the president and must be approved by congress and therefore serve at the pleasure of the president:

The Washington Post / Ezra Klein / The Federal Reserve is Not, and Should Not be, Independent / November 2009 - Quote

"The Federal Reserve is designed to give the chairman distance after he or she is appointed, but the position is appointed precisely in order to give the more democratic branches control over who serves, and influence over what the institution's priorities are. We may live in the Republic of the Central Banker, but even he serves at the pleasure of the presidency. "

You obviously have a hate on for Bernie Sanders and imply that his loyalties are questionable, which is disingenuous and an unqualified innuendo that paints your argument with bias.

A President Sanders can in fact influence the relationship between the government and the Board of Governors and its presidents, so no where in his Op-Ed does the senator discuss or suggest removing the federal reserve, but merely points out its flaws and how he would influence its relationship with government. It has nothing to do with the failures of the current president or who writes their speeches. It's a rational observation with a coherent approach to use the power of the presidency to influence changes in our financial system which are currently riddled with inequities.


We also need William K. Black as Attorney General.


Yeah I know, some of you are thinking, haven't we heard this before? Yeah, when FDR was running! I love this guy! Merry Christmas all, Happy Holidays, or whatever floats your boat.


I would think Martin O'Malley's call for reinstating Glass Steagall or something like it to break up the big Wall Street banks would count for something when it comes to making sense. Of course Bernie Sanders is calling for the same thing.


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You might find this movement by David DeGraw of interest...

Committee to Elect an Independent President



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