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Sanders Will Campaign for Dems, But Won't Give Party Coveted Email List


Sanders Will Campaign for Dems, But Won't Give Party Coveted Email List

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bernie Sanders' highly-coveted email list of supporters—whose small donations smashed records and fueled his insurgent campaign for president—will not be handed over to the Democratic Party, campaign insiders say.


So as expected... Our Revolution is just a money making arm of the DEMs.


Thank you Senator Sanders. You have kept your word. I admire you, lots.


From the article: "Bernie Sanders' highly-coveted email list of supporters—whose small donations smashed records and fueled his insurgent campaign for president—will not be handed over to the Democratic Party, campaign insiders say."

Well now, perhaps those campaign 'insiders' should have been paying closer attention to the fine print in the deals they were making, at least that seems to be the case if this report from Politico is at all accurate:

"For all the chatter about who will get ahold of Bernie Sanders’ powerful email list of donors, one group already has it — along with the names, credit card numbers and addresses of the vast majority of his nearly 2.5 million donors.
It’s called ActBlue, a nonprofit little known outside the cloistered world of digital political circles that serves as the unsung central hub of donating via the Web for Democrats everywhere.
And the fact that Sanders used the platform — and that ActBlue gets to keep a database of Sanders supporters who collectively pumped more than $200 million into his campaign — is expected to redound to the benefit of down-ballot Democrats, from small-town council candidates to incumbent U.S. senators, all across the country."

Might help explain how folks end up getting those unsolicited Democratic candidate emails, eh?


A little bit more on ActBlue's act from Wired:


Many of us on Bernie's email list were receiving emails almost immediately after he sold us out by endorsing Hillary. By the time he did that despicable act any allegiance he might have owed the so called Democratic Party was terminated through the Party's own bad acts in stealing the primary election from We, The Rabble who are The Political Revolution! He has zero credibility with any of us who think beyond the two party political box.

How did he keep his word to those of us who supported, funded and voted for him? By selling out the millions of us who he claimed to be working for? He then quickly turned on us while openly doing his tiptoe dance back into the Democratic Party as a scared little boy who stuck in his thumb into an issues pie and pulled out a Political Revolution! Which immediately caused him to fill his pants as Little Bernie Boy sat in the corner as just another obnoxious double dealing D.

So his pie has given him a tummy ache and he wants all of us who were foolish enough to support him in the first place to continue to be the ice cream on his Pie a la Delusion!

I am 68 so this ain't agism it is political reality. The thing about Bernie's political consistency in life is that he could have just as easily sold us out 40 years ago as he did in 2016. If he were a true revolutionary he would have taken Jill Stein and The Green Party up on their offer and we would not now be subjected to the horrendous candidates vying to formally inaugurate The United Corporations of America!

With ronnieWreagan it was "Morning In America";
With Bernie Sanders it was "Squawking In America";
As grandpappy used to say "There ain't nothing like an old fool
except for the fool he/she has always been".
Freedom is just another word for being sold out!

Jill Stein 2016 and Beyond!
The Only True Revolutionary In The 2016 Presidential Field.

The Clintons: The Day Democracy Died.
Full Speed Ahead. Damn the Trumpedoes.


Think about it for a minute though...

What would they DO with the list ? I already get solicitations from the DNC that I thoroughly ignore. In the primariesbBeing FOR Sanders meant being AGAINST Clinton. She can send me all the emails she wants. She and the democratic party get NOTHIN from ME...


Sounds like Bernie Sanders is going all out to win the Senate for the Democrats and mostly likely get a committee chairmanship if the Democrats succeed. For someone accused of being too idealistic he has gotten to be awfully pragmatic lately. He even put Jeff Weaver in charge of Our Revolution which drove away his more idealistic staff members. Maybe Hillary Clinton has had some effect on Bernie's thinking.


Wait. OK so they won't hand over the list. What about the $$$$$$$?


yep, but chairs bring in lots of extra cash because of their reach. well done, brother Matt. Best of both worlds. COntrol of crucial funding chairs AND "plausible" deniability. The Dems favorite scenario.


glad people are reminding us that this is not the story in the wake of the Great Surrender. THese pages were filled with confused Sanders people talking about how DNC emails were flooding their inboxes, and no way this could've happened to so many without some form of mass release by someone.
Further, in this article, what's unsaid is that if anyone responds to the emails, that system would capture their email anyway, so they'll still be getting at least some from the gullible who go along with this latest charade.


"The Democratic Party passed an extremely progressive agenda at the convention. Our job is to make sure that platform is implemented. That will not happen without Democratic control of the Senate.": Perhaps but if Hillary wins not sure the so called "progressive" platform will get passed. The same with Trump winning.
I have done early primary voting here in Vermont--this may be my last election where I vote unless a great man or woman runs next time--and the socialists, greens and one "progressive " democrat got my support. I'll consider Stein as our earth needs an eco-socialist at the helm.



That's exactly why this progressive will never vote for her. I'll never reward her for stealing the primary.


Bernie sold out you and me and millions of his sincere donors. Bernie took in millions of $ in one of the best con jobs I have ever seen! And he would sell out his donor list in a heartbeat for the right reasons. Any integrity that he had is gone; especially, when he told me and millions of others that sent him donations to vote for the Wall Street stooge, when he said this revolution was not about him and reneged on that statement saying now it is not about him, it is about Hilliary!

Jill never Hill.


If they are put at the disposal of OR - that's where they will wind up, one way or the other ....


I second that. I am not convinced by this article that the email list wasn't given away a long time ago. Even IF Sanders is guarding the list with his life----how does one reconcile this:

It is with remorse that I circulated this Sanders promotional video (below) It is with embarrassment that I admit I fell for it: hook/line/sinker. I was clearly desperate for a feeling of "hope". This video contains the song "End of the Corporate Age" with the implication that Sanders was going to help end the corporate age!

I believe the corporate age will end----- and soon----- with Mrs (and Mr.) Corporate America/MIC loving woman at the helm! Humans will be the cause but not because of a movement like the one Sanders claimed he wanted to lead.

Human induced climate change/extinctions will most likely be the cause. Goodbye corporate age, hello extinctions, suffering and chaos.

For a brief, weird time, I believed this and wanted to be a part of it:

Sanders is now supporting a candidate who is the perfect example of oligarchy and murderous corruption as explained in this piece below:


As the election date draws near, we are reading many conflicting statements of the state and aims of Bernie's Revolution. Bernie claimed that the donated funds and email lists are secure from Hillary and the DNC, but Act Blue, who was selected by Bernie's staff to collect donations is now suspected of passing personal information to the DNC. Who if anyone on the inside, gave them permission to share? How would breaking confidence work for a respected fundraising organization? If a trail is found, Act Blue should be sued by the many Bernie donors on the books and destroyed.

"The Democratic Party passed an extremely progressive agenda at the convention." per Bernie. Did that actually happen or were he, his representatives and his agenda all ignored at the convention by Hillary and her crew? I've heard it both ways.

"However, because that organization was recently registered as a 501c4—a controversial move by Our Revolution president Jeff Weaver—Sanders and other federal officeholders are now restricted from coordinating with that effort, as Claire Sandberg, former organizing director for Our Revolution explained on Democracy Now! after its launch."

Say again? Jeff Weaver not only changed the direction of our attention from funding by the 99% to funding by Big Business and now he managed to cut off Bernie's direct involvement in his own Revolution and forced the resignation of most of his staff. We need Bernie. We don't need the transparent decisions of Jeff Weaver.

Bernie, this latest crisis created by Jeff Weaver could destroy your movement. Please, get rid of him now.


Okay, I give up if this doesn't work:


I wish it was not not true. Great reply...thanks!


If the curve of the universe does indeed go towards justice, Sanders will be at the proverbial guillotine with the rest of his Democratic buddies.