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Sanders Wins Big Among Tech Activists, while Trump Threatens to Take the Internet Away


Sanders Wins Big Among Tech Activists, while Trump Threatens to Take the Internet Away

Nika Knight, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is far and away the best presidential candidate for those who care about internet freedom and access, the tech policy advocacy group Free Press Action Fund has found.

The Republican contenders generally disdain internet freedom, the group discovered, and Donald Trump in particular presents the most dire threat to a free and accessible internet this election cycle.


Bernie Sanders and his supporters, like Occupy, is a reawakening of '60’s activism, with millions sensing some big is happening, wanting to be part of something great! I am heartened by all the support from younger people along with all those that never gave-up their idealism and activism, who continued through the dark-times.
This election is a critical crossroads for all, even those that may not yet realize it. the choice is clear to many and hopefully many more will join the cause - the political revolution we are fighting for, that Bernie Sanders is leading so effectively and brilliantly.

Tomorrow some critical states will vote - some people will choose the status quo, some bombastic ego, bigotry and hatred, and some the different path Bernie Sanders points to that I hope may yet prevail…


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He will win.

Hillary should step aside as soon as possible. She is not trustworthy and will say anything now to gain the presidency.

Remember she has said that she tries not to lie. That is the voice of a sociopath.

Remember too that on her watch as Secretary of State and responsible for a no fly zone she saw the Omar Quaddafi kids murdered. Why would you murder the kids for the bad father? Are we as a country not compassionate? Why is she so callous? Would she drop a nuclear weapon for some perceived slight? Think about it. We still have the stupid 1973 War Powers Act out there standing on our Constitutional principle of requirement of a congressional.war declaration before a President assumes control of the military. Will someone ask Hillary does she believes in bringing about the end times. Does she believe in using nukes? After all she does spend a lot of time with both christian evangelicals and zionist fundamentalists.

All that said, the positive message of Bernie Sanders is way better than the mixed messages and hem and haw of Hillary Clinton. Those elite democratic platform messages were ridiculous. We saw the payday loans lender support by the DNC leader for Hillary, Debbie Waserman Schultz. That support was just dealth a bit of a blow in the State of New Mexico. The entire New Mexico state platform was rejected by the majority vote of Bernie supporting delegates. Even the Connecticut Governor who came to speak was shocked to see the extent of Bernie support in the crowd.

Hillary I predict will lose this state too.