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Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary (And No, It's Not Inconsequential)


Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary (And No, It's Not Inconsequential)

Jon Queally, staff writer

"As voters in the remaining states and territories make up their minds about the future of the Democratic Party, I believe they deserve a chance to compare my record and Secretary Clinton’s record on creating jobs, raising the minimum wage, war and peace, the need for health care for all, breaking up big banks, combating climate change and other critical issues." —Bernie SandersBolstering his argument that voters in every state deserve a chance to have their preference registered, Bernie Sanders proved too much for rival Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Democratic


Bernie - 51% votes - 14 delegates

Clinton - 39% votes - 14 delegates

Rigged System Alert!

"Democrats," huh?

They keep using that word...


Who/what got the other 11%? And how does this end in a tie for delegates?


3 1/2 hours after the polls closed, 77% of precincts reporting, Sander 51%, 16 delegates, Clinton 36%, 11 delegates. Wait for the other precincts.

Picked up at least 5, maybe 7 delegates today. Whooo-whooo! Picked up 5 in Indiana, too. He only needs to win 57 more states to catch up. No, it's not that bad. He should get 12 more than Clinton in Oregon, only lose a few in Kentucky.

We need to be ready for contingencies. Since the fate of global civilization may rest on the nomination, how do we get 400 superdelegates to change their votes before the first ballot?


West Virginia
69.1% Reporting
Delegates Allocated: 34/37
Winner B. Sanders 51.1% 91,199 17 Delegates
H. Clinton 36.4% 64,954 17 Delegates

17 each. 3 at large. This has happened in a number of the primaries, and you Bernie folk need to get on the stick about it. Really. Who on earth actually votes for Hillary? Do any of you know anyone?


While Hillary Clinton talks about making childcare "more affordable"
Bernie Sanders speaks about providing parents with a livable wage.

As Clinton talks about improving and adding on to Obama care,
Sanders’ plans to cover everyone and stop for-profit price gouging.

When Hillary promises to drastically reduce student loan rates,
Economists endorse Sanders’ plan for Free College as workable.

Hillary made promises from a pulpit to frightened parents in Flint, MI.,
Bernie listened to the fears about their child’s lead-poisoned future.

As the upper 2% continue to bury Bernie’s news reports or spin it,
Progressives spread his message and send him $27 each month.

As life went on Hillary planned and plotted each of her career moves,
Bernie’s focus was to fight for equal opportunity for every citizen.



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I watched a bit of CNN and MSNBC after they declared Bernie the winner in W.V.
Two things brought up on both channels that I have not heard from them in the entire campaign
1. Hillary is a weak candidate and she is in trouble.
2. They both showed the charts backing up what Sanders has been saying. They showed the polls that have Sanders
beating Trump in the large battleground states and Clinton either losing to Trump or not doing as well as Sanders.
They both said that it looks like Sanders may very well beat Clinton in California.
At least for tonight, the MSM has looked at reality and not the BS they have been throwing out all year. If Hillary starts to lose the backing of the MSM, it's over.


Lovely song. :slight_smile:


Well you can only BS your audience but so much. :slight_smile:


Bernays... no contest.


From what I can gather as of today (after the WV vote) Hillary needs to win 74% of the delegates in the remaining states to win the nomination outright before the convention (this does not include super delegates). Here are the pertinent numbers:

  1. Hillary has 1716 pledged delegates
  2. Bernie has 1438 pledged delegates
  3. 897 pledged delegates still up for grabs
  4. 2383 total delegates needed to win the nomination

Looking at these numbers it is statistically impossible for Hillary to win the nomination with pledged delegates alone, thus the Hillary camp's wishful thinking for Bernie to drop out now. If she goes to convention she may not get the super delegate support she thinks she will. If the supers start looking closely at who has the best chance to beat Drumpf, we could see a different outcome altogether. Stay tuned Sandernistas!



Just asking: how come no matter how many state primaries Bernie wins the wins are still called inconsequential? There is only one answer that I can think of: unlike the overt Trump movement that says anybody but Trump, there must be a covert movement that says anybody but Bernie!


Imo the msm is focused on getting Bernie to support shillary, any way they can...


I hadn't heard this--any sources for it?


Went to Bernie's rally today in Salem, Oregon. Rumor had it the capacity of the Armory was 3,500. It was packed.

The part I liked the most was when Bernie talked about his positions vs. Clinton's. Fracking, Trade policies, minimum wage, the Iraq war and war in general, a few others. Every time Clinton's position was mentioned the crowd erupted in boos.

This was not a beaten candidate seeking common cause with his opponent - this was a winner saying what we need to do to fix the country.

He was inspiring and, for those who think he's preparing to cozy up to Clinton - scrappy.


That explains why every pundit and their grandma throws in a question asking Bernie if he will support her.


Right. Because the media cameras at the event don't count.

You've posted negative crap about Sanders before on CD.

Who do you support?


Dear Democratic Senator,

Next January you're going to be making excuses about why you're the minority party chair of your committee, and not the majority party chair. "Look, there was nothing I could do," will be the most popular excuse. In reality you didn't plan to fail but you failed to plan, you didn't use your noodle and you foot-dragged all the way to your party's defeat in the Senate.

Now, while you still have time, don't saw the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party off of the Democratic Party. I'm not asking for much, I'm simply asking that you look out for your own self-interest and don't be an idiot.