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Sanders: Yes, A Convention About Real Issues Might Be 'Messy'

Sanders: Yes, A Convention About Real Issues Might Be 'Messy'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As he outlined his progressive agenda on Monday, Bernie Sanders said the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia could get "messy," adding: "Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle."


He surely is. I think he really wants it now. Cali has the power to change this whole thing.


All are invited to attend a Clinton $50k dinner at the Next Floor, vegans beware.


Keep it going, Bernie!


They will in their greed take us all with them! Unless?


…loved the final shot of the chandelier…perfect. :wine_glass:


OT, but did anyone see john oliver’s take on the NV election? He sites a polifact study which sez there was no fraud or misconduct, would be curious if anyone knows otherwise. From a glance at polifact it seems very simplistic.

I am well over 70 years of age and thought I would never see an FDR type of Democrat running for the Presidency again in my lifetime. Finally, we have a person who represents the values of FDR, and what should be the core values of the Democratic Party.


One of my all time favorite indy short fables - thanks for, to coin the spirit of Mark Twain, reposting early and often!


Great short film, and a perfect metaphor considering our current set of world-ending catastrophes.


Since Clintonism became the main theme in the democratic party . IT has become the party of; by and for the donor class…remember wasserman- schultz is leading the charge to let waht many call legal loan sharks escape regulation. Clinton is supporting the take over of Puerto Rico by the Hedge funds that are now about to be given a full return on risky investment.


From the link about Sander’s splendid picks NOTE: re: California primary:

"According to the Washington Post, party officials and the two Democratic candidates “worked out” a compromise “based on the number of popular votes each has received to date.” Under the agreement, frontrunner Hillary Clinton would be allotted six members and Sanders five, while Wasserman Schultz will name four.

I practically vomited reading that last little insert. **

Wasserman Schultz MUST GO!



Bernie is the rarest politician that I have seen in my time, because unlike third party candidates to whom I have supported, out of conscience, but have no chance for any real political power, at least Bernie is able to participate in political power no matter how corrupt is HRC and her minions.


Bernie is so great…things in the Dem party will have to change after this–Candidates like Hillary are going to have to recognize that young voters are the future and they have been channeled by Bernie this year. He isn’t just some disgruntled apostate–he’s the real primer, catalyst for the 99% who are sick of things as usual–maybe they will try to keep on in the same bought-for tired, greedy, war-mongering political status quo. It won’t continue, because of all the sick-of -the-1% folks out there. They want their kids to have a better life–even the Trump folks. Some might by racist, misogynists, but not all. They want change, don’t trust politics as usual to get it for them. I believe most Americans don’t want the world of Trump–they want democracy and a stake in a future that’s worth getting.


Sounds like Sanders wants to return to the old days of unscripted conventions and the entire conventions actually being broadcast on the major TV networks. It’s the nostalgia thing. I don’t know who likes the scripted conventions. The only argument for a scripted convention is people think it improves the chances of winning. Hardly anyone watches conventions anymore except perhaps to see the nominating speeches and acceptance speech. The exciting conventions seem to be something from history. Who knows, maybe Sanders can stir up this convention.


In state after state the Democratic Party leadership lined up for Hillary Clinton and then the voters hit them in the face with a pie. Even the Vermont Democratic Party lined up solidly for Clinton, and Clinton didn’t even get the 15% needed to make her a credible candidate, and so she got zero pledged delegates in Vermont.

Now the Democratic Party has a crisis of their soul. Do they alienate the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party? Do they throw a couple of pretzels in a bowl and hope that satisfies the majority of the Democratic Party voters? Does the leadership expect to fight their own voters every day and night all the way into the convention and through the end of the convention?

Longer range, do they keep supporting the H.M.S. Hillary knowing for sure that she’s going down, she’s taking some of them down with her and she’ll have stripped most of the actual political power out of the entire Party by next January?

It was sad, it was sad,
It was sad when the Hillary went down, to the bottom of the
Husbands and wives, little children lost their lives
It was sad when the Hillary went down.


Well I just hope that unlike FDR Bernie is not “protecting” the oligarchy from itself. I wish to see the process completed so that the wolves can never again get away with their sheepskins and the foxes to never be in charge of the henhouses. We need a real revolution one that uproots vulture capitalism for ever and replaces it with eternal people power. Money and accumulation of wealth in the hands of few is wrong not only morally but economically devastating. Taking a closer look at what the Wall-mart chains have done for example to the local economies all across USA conveys a strong message that capitalism can never be a viable method to furthering human peace and progress. Imagine how many small locally owned and operated businesses have lost the shirts off their backs to Wall-marts, home depots, Sears Roebucks, Macy’s, JC Penny’s? None of these conglomerate behemoths are necessary. On the contrary even chain fast foods restaurants, strip malls, and corporate owned gas stations are examples of destructive models for a community based economy where the wealth generated by small shops and stores, pharmacies, auto mechanics, etc… stays in the towns and cities where it is located. I think wiser nations have been alert to avoid falling prey to vulture capitalism and monopolization of means of capital and production and have protected themselves to some degree, however with the advent of NAFTA, TTP and TTIP the rich bastards will never rest until every aspect of the global economy is under their tyrannical control.


Or how about “FUCK THE EU” Victoria Nuland give them cookies and peanuts as she tried in the Ukraine failed state coup de eta?

Right on bro :-}

What this article fails to mention - that is so very important - is that Bernie also stated he will “condemn any and all forms of violence”.
This quote absolutely needs to be included in this piece. The reasons should be abundantly clear. That they were not almost appears somewhat divisive.