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Sanders's New Book Announcement Spurs Speculation About 2020 Run


Sanders's New Book Announcement Spurs Speculation About 2020 Run

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The announcement Wednesday of Sen. Bernie Sander's (I-Vt.) new book, set to be published exactly one week after the 2018 midterm elections, has spurred speculation that he could make another run for president in 2020.


Bernie most of us like and respect you, but you have to get out of the corp. party. It’s too late at this point to reform said party, even if they wanted to. Their leaders have proven they want to remain beholden to big money.
Unless you leave and take the progressive wing with you, (and they will follow you), 2020 will be a repeat. Without this move, the 99%, and the values we hold dear will be pushed further down the rabbit hole.
What’s it going to be Bernie?


Last election there were only two candidates who did not have books out, Martin O’Malley and one of the 17 Republican candidates. I doubt if O’Malley is going to run again for president but his Irish band, O’Malley’s March, has reunited and is playing in Baltimore to raise money for a PAC supporting Democrats.


Been there, done that. It’s hard to trust Bernie again after he endorsed the Corporate Democrat.

Like ReconFire says, the Democrats value their campaign contributors more than We the People, so, until Money is removed from politics, the corruption reported on the evening news every day, will only get worse.


This man will get my support and what I can afford to give–like last time–but ONLY if he runs as an Indie or Green.


I supported Bernie in the last election, but when he said that I needed to support the Wall Street Walker because we cannot allow Trump to become POTUS, in my view, he sold me and millions more like me out; especially, since Bernie did not stop Trump from becoming president but by his acquiesce he actually enabled Trump to be elected! It may not be all his fault, since the DNC is so corrupt.

But if Bernie runs on the corrupt, democratic ticket, nothing will change. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice…shame on me!


He snubbed the Green Party when he should have embraced it.

I can forgive bad judgment once, however, when he gave up his promise “to contest the Democratic nomination and fight all of the way to the Democratic National Convention” and endorse the Corporate candidate, well, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

If Bernie revealed to the entire country, why he did a complete 180 after meeting with Obama, then Clinton, immediately before he endorsed her, then, I might be more open to trusting him again.

But like you say, if he runs as a Democrat, forget it.


“He snubbed the Green Party when he should have embraced it.”

Agreed. I almost went back and edited that out but didn’t. As far as the rest of your post, I’m right there with you, brother.


Sanders in the White House is pure fantasy and denial of political reality. He’s hitched his wagon to a dead horse with the Democratic party.

Sanders did not have the support of the party core as the party’s candidate in 2016 and he won’t get in 2020, either. Even if he pulls off a miracle and makes it to the White House in 2020 - and he’d have to do it without strong support from the party core - he would still face lukewarm support, at best, for his progressive policies as president from the likes of Heitkamp, Manchin and that ilk in his own party in Congress.

In the end, Sanders would likely have more affect on the party had he run as a third party candidate from the beginning. The party’s greatest fear is a viable third party progressive providing a home for all the progressive voters they’ve always taken for granted. Sanders, by his continued alliance with the Democrats, allows the Democrats to use progressives, as needed and then ignore them when it doesn’t suit their corporate agenda, just as they’ve done, election after election, for decades.


Disagree. He had to run with the damnable “D” after his name to get into the debates and gain any recognition. Having said that: He now is the most popular politician in the country and is WELL KNOWN. Therefore he can run as an Independent–which he says he truly is–and probably win by a HUGE margin. BUT…there are many, like me, who will NOT support him again if he ties that damnable “D” on again!


It seems to me that even though Sanders has reverted to calling himself an independent again he is for all intents and purposes a Democrat. He raises money for the Democrats, works to reform the party, caucuses with the Democrats, supports many Democrats running for office, etc. He definitely will not run for president as an independent. Not only would that remove any chance he would have of winning but it would help the Republicans retain the White House.


I will only donate if there is a different way to give money than by Act Blue. I was ripped off last time and I will not use them again.


In your opinion, of course. How would running as an Indie put a Rethug in the white house? You are , apparently, saying he can’t possibly win and you are dead ass WRONG…in MY opinion. (See my earlier post as to reasons he WOULD win)


Everyone here is following the same old script of a pure as driven snow pollitcion. Politcs doesn’t work that way and thanks to your idealism we have a real asshole in the white house.


The Senator clearly has the mainstream spooked. Ari Melber; MSNBC, did his version of a Fox truth bending last night about the Senator. Convoluted and really strange.Here is a snowball in hell Oprah Winfrey. Schumer, Prez, Pelosi, and Winfrey.


What did he say?


WHY?   I agree that the Green Party talks the talk, but what have they ever ACCOMPLISHED?  What leader­ship experience do ANY of them have??   Bernie has a long record of real accomplishment and – like any hu­man being – some serious mistakes.  But IMHO Bernie, warts and all, is head and shoulders above anyone in the Green Party, and should run as an independent if the DamnocRats, as most of us expect, fail to do a thor­ough – and very public – housecleaning.

Exactly.  Dirty Debbie and the DNC did everything they could to hide the debates by holding them at odd times or opposite major sports events, and Bernie still raised his name recognition from well under 5% to 99+%.  He’s currently the best-liked statesman in these (Dis)United States, and is in a position to have a truly positive influ­ence in the next few years.


Sanders will do whatever he can to prevent the right wing from controlling the government. His views are compatible with the views of the Democratic Party on both domestic issues and foreign policy. He supported the Democratic platform in 2016. I don’t see anything that has changed since then. If anything a number of Democrats have shifted toward Sander’s positions where there were differences. I think the last thing he would want is a career tarnished by the charge that he was responsible for a second term for Donald Trump. He will try to move the Democrats further left but in the end no matter what happens with him politiclally he will support uniting to defeat the Republicans.


I am excited that Dennis Kucinich is running in Ohio, though I am in California. But the moment’s gone for Sanders.

How can people who worked for Bernie Sanders return when he folded to support not a colleague in arms, but a candidate who opposed most all the policies that drew people to him? He did tell us that he would not run as an independent if he ran in the primaries as a Democrat. But he was not allowed to run in the primaries as a Democrat, and that was public knowledge by the convention.We can speculate about what motivated him to fold, but whatever it is, there’s no reason to imagine that it is going away by 2020. Not one aspect of DNC corruption has been addressed effectively; not one related prosecution has occurred or begun. No Democrat in authority is calling the party out. In the event that Sanders gains the nomination that party declares it may award by fiat, he will have had to make unacceptable bargains to do so.

How can people with progressive or leftward intentions donate to Democratic candidates, including potentially Sanders, donate again when their funds were pushed towards two candidates who opposed them: Trump (in the nomination run) and later Clinton?

Let Sanders work in Vermont, where he has done some good things and the party machine tolerates him, knowing that it must deliver some policies in the northeast, where people demand them.


The students in the aftermath of the Florida shooting have shown what we need in this country is the youth taking charge. Sorry Sanders, but you and your fellow politicians are simply too old now. The USA needs some young progressive politicians who have a future to truly care about as their lives are ahead of them. And it would be great if they started a new party that was not beholden to the corporate oligarchs as both the Democrats and Republicans are. That is where any real hope for the future of the USA lies.