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Sandra Bland 'Suicide' After Minor Traffic Stop


Sandra Bland 'Suicide' After Minor Traffic Stop

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

WASHINGTON - ABC News is reporting: “Newly-emerged cell phone video shows the arrest of Sandra Bland, who died in custody Monday in Texas — as the woman’s family and authorities disagree about the manner of her death.

“Authorities said that Bland, 28, committed suicide, but her family isn’t buying it.

“A prosecutor said Thursday that he will present the findings of a Texas Rangers’ investigation to a grand jury. The FBI is also investigating the circumstances surrounding Bland’s death.”



SANDRA BLAND was a young woman who was excited about her future. She had just gotten a job she really wanted. She was excited about her future. Sadly, she was pulled over for not using her lane change indicator, in a place with red neck racist sheriffs. I called the sheriffs office and gave him an ear full, he hung up on me… This happened in TX and I am Texan. Yes, I am white, and I cried like I’d lost a family member when I read SANDRA BLAND had been murdered by these sheriffs. THREE days in jail for no indicator, and then they murder her?? BLACK LIVES MATTER! The racism and racist that are among us in Every state is despicable! When I read protesters had shown up at Bernie Sander’s speech, all I could think was they picked the wrong candidate to protest. He might be the only one that cares, and his record shows it, This is my opinion, and you can agree or not, it won’t change a thing for me. But each of us, every race, needs to take a long look at how we raise our children, because I have little hope for any minds being changed in this decade by the old adults. The KKK represents nothing but hate, and they have the nerve to hold up a cross. They are not only haters, they are stupid, and most certainly Nothing to do with being Christian. Try to make a difference for tolerance, and understanding before we destroy our country from the inside out. We don’t need to be invaded by an enemy. We have that everywhere already. Know better, Do better, or we are doomed to a place I do not want to be. SANDRA BLAND DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE! I hope the FBI comes in and cleans that filthy sheriff’s office Out! They belong in jail, and the one that murdered SANDRA BLAND should be sleeping in the cell she was killed in.