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Sane Voices Urge Diplomacy After 'Lunatic' Trump Threatens 'Fire and Fury'


Sane Voices Urge Diplomacy After 'Lunatic' Trump Threatens 'Fire and Fury'

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the wake of what many perceived as an explicit threat to ignite a nuclear war on Tuesday, critics of President Donald Trump reacted with horror—calling it "frightening" and "crazy"—after the president threatened North Korea "with fire, fury, and frankly power the likes of which the world has never seen before."



So much for muzzling the deranged demagogue. Take take Generals Kelly, McMaster and Mattis. And Rexxon, head for cover in Manila.

There are no words. Who will step up and STOP THIS MADMAN before he causes the death of millions of people including his “own?”


B-b-but Hillary-Killary-Shillary would have been muuuuuch worse!!!


The Republican Congress can stop trump anytime they choose.


Barking dogs don’t bite.

Projecting craziness is likely to be a part of Trump’s unpredictable demeanor when negotiating. But surrounded by generals, he is liable to stumble into nuclear holocaust.

Conservative politicians could cool things down. They are used to sending our kids to war, but in a nuclear confrontation, their own asses are on the line. Or reactionary conservatives could decide to nuke NK before they develop further capabilities.

So much for Trump’s pre-election promises to conduct business with countries instead of war.


You know…actually they do bite. In fact all dogs bark at the human they intend to bite.

Trump doesn’t know whether to bark or bite. Very dangerous because the bite is so much worse than the bark that there is a sense of finality about it (pun intended).


Don’t get rid of him at your peril you douche bag Republicans.


NPD is not curable or stoppable short of removal.


No shit.


Let’s hope he is the chicken shit he always has been and just barks.


Well maybe if she didn’t steal the primary from Bernie we wouldn’t have been in this mess then.


“The world’s most powerful country is being run by lunatics who want to kill us all”

And has been for around the last 70 years. Treating Trump’s statement as if it is some aberration!!!


This is the perfect occasion for my senator (Feinstein) to issue another one of her opinions on yet another sociopathic behavior of DonCon: It’s “deeply disturbing.”
Can’t wait.


I’ve been around since JFK. No president in my lifetime has said anything like this.


I’ve been around since Ike. And ditto to your comment.


I can just imagine DT’s reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Come to think on it and what we have here is similar. The big difference is that the missiles belong to the country they are in.


too true. they are using him as cover while they work behind scenes to “reform” - citizens need to speak out about this trump removal from office.


Now hw gets to use the nukes OB modernized.


he is a psychopath - they are not capable of seeing themselves as responsible for their errors, they do not see themselves as making errors, they firmly believe there will be no consequences for their speech and actions.

and now they have the gernals in charge, with this mad man spouting and dribbling words, to him this is a reality show, not reality.

time for another set of demonstrations world wide.


The insane fascist fraud is the most evil, dangerous ruler in history! He Must be removed by reason of being crazy!