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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, A Liar, to Resign as White House Press Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/sarah-huckabee-sanders-liar-resign-white-house-press-secretary

Well, the Huckabeast IS a shameless liar but she isn’t stupid. Trumpo the Klown is probably going to crash and burn and Sarah might be looking to save her fat ass before that happens. I’d suspect that she could get a much higher paying job being a shill for the Koch Demons trying to convince
Uh-meriKKKans that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is actually good for all of us.
Or, she could hack herself off to Monsanto and tell us why “Roundup” is such a good thing to use on the crops that our children eat. I mean, the possibilities are legion in such a society that Republicans have created. Right-wingers can be counted on to take care of their own even when they should be put in prison.


Nobody lies and denies like Sarah.

Except Dolt 45.

Neither will ever be missed.

Shame she can’t take him with her.


Actually, Kellyanne Conway could give Sanders some competition for the World Class Liar Award. Both of them are appalling in their pathetic fealty to Trumpo the Traitor. I’ve seen some really appalling Rethug administrations in the past but this one takes the prize for being so deeply incompetent, deceitful and criminal. The Constitution means nothing to these scum, politics is only what you can get away with. They all bow down to the Mob Boss in the Oval Office, a reckless man-baby of singular evil and shamelessness.
This country is either going to get rid of Trump and his goons next year or we will lose our republic.
Have you noticed that after the many firings and resignations from this corrupt government Trumpo always replaces them with people who are even worse?
Trumpo IS the “anti-King Midas”. Everything he touches turns to shit. He is the consummate fraud and con man and it sickens me that so many people in this country still support him.


Me too! About all you said in this post. And the Dems are just sitting there slow walking whatever they are doing.

We should get rid of the Republican Party all together, make the present Democratic Party the conservative party and induct the Socialist Democrats as the true liberal party.

As it is now the vast majority of us are just serfs, servants and underpaid employees of machine that is so corrupt they invent wars just to justify their expenditures and to sell their wares. They are willing to sacrifice the young men and woman of this country in some criminal war without giving it a thought. Just how stupid are the people of this country and how long are they going to let themselves by exploited like so many livestock raised for the slaughter?


Corndog Huckabee and Kelly Anne Conway are like the racist aunts you always avoid at family dinners. Corndog is the daughter of a right wing evangelist and the Huckabees are renowned for crafting Christianity to enrich their brief pathetic lives.
Corndog is an insult to humanity. She is a liar. Corndog said she hates the press and intentionally lies to help her boss. Corndog cannot spell Press. Corndog has not ONE damned thing to do with being a real journalist who knows the code of ethics, canons and practices them. Corndog has been a disgrace and Kelly Anne sells panties in front of the White House Shield. God help us. I thought Corndog was from Misery not Arkansas.


Hallelujah! Another of Trump’s professional pinocchio’s bites the dust! Too bad they didn’t…Lock her up!


Sarah has decided that living on land is not for her, she wants to go back to living in the swamp where trump found her.


Who needs a press secretary when there are no longer press briefings anyway?


Hey Bruce,

My wife read this article to me today while we were out driving around, and I asked her to send me the link as I really wanted to share it with my fellow Common Dreamers.

I think you and many others could appreciate it.

It may make you even chuckle.



Thank you for this. How true. I remember that “they” started calling the people “consumers” on a regular basis back in the 70s and that insult seems not only to have stuck but it has come to describe what we really are. Just look at the idiots on Black Thursday at the local Big Box Store impatient to run in and get that special discount on a giant flat screen TV or a Salad Shooter. I remember that at one store a few years ago one person was trampled to death by some of these people.
BTW, I check in with “Counter Punch” on a regular basis along with “Black Agenda Report”, “Truthdig” and “The Intercept”. I’m also lucky that I can listen to “Democracy Now!” every morning on a local FM station. I always laugh when some right-wing fool claims that CNN is a “liberal network”. I fear that the brainwashing of this country is not over and will get worse. One thing that really depressed me was to learn the other day that Trumpo the Klown’s tweets are read by up to 60 million people. I guess H.L. Mencken was right - “You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” He called us the “booboisie”.
One great example is the man in a red Trump ball cap who said that it was very suspicious that Barack Obama was not in the Oval Office on the morning of 9/11 !!! The title of the photo was “These people walk among us.”


There was a time television had little on air advertising. It was black and white and came on about sunrise. I remember in the fifties the first image when the tv came on was of a great American chief wearing a headdress and a close up of his face on the screen for a while and then suddenly a local program would begin but advertising as we know it today began slowly and people complained at first when programs were interrupted for ads. Our consumerism has been evolving for ages but NOW they know what we think. Alexa is a spy. Alexa records every word your or your children or a baby says because Alexa is always listening. Do you think they want to sell links or know your every thought?

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In the early 50’s when I was hatched, there were only 2 billion people on Mother Earth.

Since then, she’s been royally fucked, pardon my language, and they weren’t wearing a condom cause now we have over 3-1/2 times that number with all the problems that go with progress.

I can’t say that I have a memory of the chief in the headdress but I do remember vividly the circular pattern with the constant tone before and after the TV stations were on.

I’m not sure that the technological advances in everything we’ve experienced since the 50’s has been a plus for humankind.

I hope I do witness Trump’s downfall before I check out of this life.


I’m sorry, but I have to vociferously disagree. She is about as dim a bulb as can be found, lacking any of the cleverness that enables her mind-bogglingly ignorant boss to sound coherent most of the time and brilliant on occasion, even though he is neither. He is probably of above-average intelligence in the Stanford-Binet sense, but his upbringing left him one-dimensional and lacking anything faintly resembling empathy. She is unable even to attempt to cover the falsehoods she apparently recognizes. One of T-Rumps few true statements was his embrace of people of low intelligence. Can we guess why?

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May she return to Arkansas and sit on her fat ass smilin’ and eating fried chicken.

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Nobody’s addressed it yet.
Should we start a betting pool, to see who the new liar extraordinaire is going to be?

Hopefully she has no future in politics or government. She has been part of a disgraceful administration. Possibly she and some of the others can be deported or be detained indefinitely in Guantanamo.

A perfect spokesperson for Walmart. They might actually believe her down in Arkansas.

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Thanks for reminding me to re-visit The “Black Agenda Report” - an excellent web site that actually tells the truth about the United States and some of the sociopaths who run it.

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And you’re the FILTH and the REASON WHY she’s leaving you freakin’ HACK writer!