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Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Endless Tax Cut Metaphor


Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Endless Tax Cut Metaphor

Michael Winship

Prepare for what may be the four most excruciating minutes of your life.


Who wrote that piece of crap? Good piece for discussion in logic or economics class.


This is an old story that has been around forever. Hey Sarah, slut of Trump, come up with a new story.


I’d hate to make such a self-serving lying piece of nonsense even longer, but Huckabee-Sanders leaves out two thirds of the story.

As the video below points out, some people are far more able to pay, and not only do those people generally benefit most from what they pay (getting many millions of dollars worth of beer and usually far more cash back than they pay) but changing the payment plan would also change what’s served.

The poor people would end up unable to get to the bar (or their jobs) because of cuts in transit, childcare, and other areas, they’d die early and not be able to drink because of cuts in health care, worker protections, ecological protections, climate science, and the needed transition to renewable energy, and so on. The middle people would become poor people and not be able to get to work or the bar either. The rich person (who had so much money s/he never even noticed the extra money s/he paid) would have no one to drink with anymore. The bar and the brewer would go out of business because the same thing would be happening to every group who went there and drank beer. Everybody would end up worse off.



Sista’ Sarah is primarily upset that none of them offered her a drink.


Some high school kid probably. It’s sophomoric and insultingly stupid.