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"Saucy Suffragettes" Party as Voting Rights Are Rolled Back


"Saucy Suffragettes" Party as Voting Rights Are Rolled Back

Mary Bottari

On August 26, three Republican women's clubs will head to the private Tuckaway Country Club in Franklin, Wisconsin, to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Women's Right to Vote. These "Saucy Suffragettes," as they call themselves, will wear period dress and sit down to hors d'oeuvres and drinks to reminisce about the good old days, when women marched, were imprisoned, and even hunger-struck for the right to vote.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (attribution disputed)

America 1920: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good women (and men) do nothing.

America 2015: All that is necessary for the triumph of ALEC that good people do nothing.


"The new gerrymandered electoral districts diluted the Democratic vote so much that in the 2012 Wisconsin congressional elections, Republicans received just 49 percent of the votes cast, but gained 62.5 percent of the seats."

It's this kind of GAMING the system--from voting to faux finance--that has turned things upside-down. So for those forum regulars who are relentlessly committed to the "blame voters" theme; they'd be wise to take stock of the fact that all sorts of should-be illegal mechanisms and machinations are used to allot political power to those top dogs who don't give a shit about human life. Most are alpha republican sociopaths. However, since the system runs on $, any who want to obtain political office find themselves tainted by the dense nature of systemic corruptions.


Well it is up to us to call that GOP reactionary women's club by the most fitting name.

Allow me to propose we tag them The Radical Racist GOP Reactionary Women's Decivilizing Society.


Yes, that is gaming the system.

It is also, as a local editor here called it, the result of a comatose Democratic Party.


Tuckaway Country Club, isn't that special, tucked far away from the hoi polloi, enjoying cucumber open face sandwiches and cocktails.


Blaming the sociopaths in charge does not also exclude also blaming voters... although blame is pretty useless in any case. No one is not involved in humanity.


The U.S. should just copy Mexico when it comes to voter registration. Each eligible voter receives a picture ID and brings it to vote. The names are checked off against a database of that ID. Their thumbs are pressed in a pad of indelible ink to prevent trying voting twice. Problem solved.


This "saucy suffragette" is sitting next to a picture of Alice Paul, who would be outraged by this parody. The term suffragette was used as a disparagement/ a put down of the movement. They called themselves Suffragists. But, maybe the term does fit in this context.


In the US, yes "suffragette" was equivalent to the 70s "women's libber." But not at first.

In Britain, where Alice Paul started learning to protest, "suffragettes" were more radical group than suffragists. These were the women who threw acid on golf courses, disrupted male events like Parliament, got themselves arrested and went on hunger strikes. The women who wanted to avoid being associated with them went for "suffragist."

It's sort of like when NOW decided to say they were working for "feminism" instead of "women's liberation." It had the benefit of being less threatening -- instead of "free abortion on demand," they could work for "reproductive rights" -- and also hopefully couldn't be shortened the way "women's liberation" became "Women's Lib," which carried stigma. What happened, of course, is that "feminist" acquired the stigma and the women's liberationists lost enthusiasm for working with NOW. If they had any to begin with, since NOW at that time didn't want lesbians and had as their main objective the ERA.

But you're right that sitting next to a picture of Alice Paul is ridiculous. Paul wasn't saucy; she was fierce. Probably they should have put up a picture of Susan B. Anthony instead. Anthony though upper class and upper middle class women were the ones who should get to vote. She referred to the men who got the vote before she and her kind did as "greasy spics and foreigners." The Sauciers would have loved her.


There was NO VOTER FRAUD PROBLEM to solve in the first place, but it's "fixed" now.