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Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen School, Killing Children, as Humanitarian Crisis Worsens


Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen School, Killing Children, as Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

Nika Knight, staff writer

A primary school in Yemen was bombed by the Saudi-led coalition on Tuesday, and five people, including two children, were killed, medics told the Middle East Eye.

A rebel group puts the death toll at eight, with 15 wounded, according to AFP.

A military official told AFP that the strike was a "mistake."


An investigation of the bombs dropped on this school would most likely reveal that they were manufactured in the United States, and sold to the Saudis through our State Department after being approved by our Congress and President. If, on November 8th, you voted Democrat or Republican for President, you voted for this to continue. WTFU America!


I voted Green.We should put Trump, GHW, GW Bush, the Clintons & Obama on a plane & throw them out without a parachute.


Yeah, bluedolphin_9! It's good to meet another Green. Now, if only we can show the 120 million people who voted on November 8th for Donnie and Blondie that they in essence were voting for endless wars, income inequality, welfare only for the rich, and for corporate rule, maybe then we have a government that puts People, Planet, and Peace before Profit. Thank you for your comment and contributions to making our country free of corruption.


Jesus told us over 2000 years ago that the Prince of this world is the Devil. (John 14:30) Although it is fairly easy to deny the existance of the devil since few actually ever see him, his influence on humanity is obvious everywhere. it makes the Devil dance with glee when we comply with his subtle goading and choose to go to war. War means we lose our souls in committing acts of killing, rape, torture and becoming purveyors of misery and displacement. May I insert the old question here? When will we ever learn? Or maybe it's time for something else? Time to go all the way and light the birds. Yet, in my heart I still believe good will triumph over evil and we may yet see the error of our ways.