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Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Tribal Feud with Regional and Global Implications


Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Tribal Feud with Regional and Global Implications

Emile Nakhleh

On the morning of June 5, Saudi Arabia and four of its regional friends decided to sever diplomatic, economic, and transportation ties with Qatar and its ruler Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Such a feud within the Gulf Cooperation Council—which comprises Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Oman—is not new, especially between Qatar and its most immediate neighbors, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.


"If the Qatari emir rejects the Saudi demands—including abiding by the GCC “commitments and agreements,” ceasing “hostilities against the Kingdom,” and standing “against terrorist groups and activities”—does Riyadh plan to send troops into Qatar and forcibly remove him from office? "

No, the Qataris can afford to mount an effective mercenary-based defense. The Saudis will continue to embarrass themselves against their poor neighbor, Yemen.


This is the biggest story going right now, because it’s likely much more than meets the eye.

Three things have happened in very close proximity to each other. First was that abominable meeting with Trump resulting in a massive infusion of military hardware. The kind of purchase that’s made to be used. next comes this “divorce” with Qatar, the one energy fiefdom that at least pretends to get along with Iran. And finally, the Iran attacks.

This is pure speculation, mind you, but it’s worth keeping a loose eye on:
You can’t help but wonder if the Saudis finally got an American president to agree to a war with Iran.


In reference to your last sentence above, I sincerely hope not!
Even Trump is not that crazy, is he?


crazy? no. captured by a tendency towards fantasy? yes.

he’s so malleable that if I were a foreign leader with a nasty agenda in mind, I’d have targeted him early and often to try and trick him into doing something he’d regret. Trump is so impossibly vain that any modestly gifted statesperson could fellate him into agreeing to almost anything.

and let’s face it: the only time the Democrats have been off his case is if he’s blowing someone up. And the Clintonites have a thing about iran almost as big as the GOP.

So, yeah, this is one to watch.