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Saudi Arabia, Belarus Among Countries Joining US-Led Coalition Claiming Women Have 'No International Right to Abortion'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/saudi-arabia-belarus-among-countries-joining-us-led-coalition-claiming-women-have-no

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It’s not a matter of rights.
Those that liked to drink during prohibition founds ways and places to do what they wanted or needed to do.
There would be a rise in life threatening abortions, similar to people being sold wood alcohol during prohibition.


Ok and they have no right on killing people who do not wish to die .And those that do wish to die have a right on wanting themselves dead .

It’s insane .


I DO believe US Women fully understand what is a stake in this election

There are, however, Republican women who will Gladly undermine their rights for the sake of obedience and Subservience

And they believe that subservience to be correct

Slaves that support their own slavery


Well, there you go: there’s the foreign influence and money flowing into the election. These bozos tell on themselves every time. Lol


Hubris, thy name is patriarchy and your accomplice is servitude.


Seriously sick of it too
There appears to be no level to low for self debasement


Makes sense. The US is populated by religious fanatics just like the others - different religion, but the same warped ideas.


Women are second class citizens.
In order to terminate their rights the State must simply pass legislation stating that when a reproductive graft is a part of her body the graft is entitled to all her rights and all her previous are removed until she successfully splits into two or more organisms. Then as person capable of being reproductively grafted she retains her second class statu subject to the superstitious whims of the non-reproductively capable.

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It is the duty of the enlightened wives and women of these unenlightened leaders to deny them sexual relations -deeming such relations being too risky for pregnancy. If the leaders threaten their wives and women then same women need to do the vitally important task of taking a frying pan and aiming well to help this small segment of selfish leading men (and self deprecating women) see the wisdom of leaving enlightened women alone when it comes to their rights. Personally, I always thought women who went after the ‘bad boys’ were crazy when there are so many ‘great boys’ out there to be compatible with.


May all Republican go %$#@ themselves.


Yet again, it’s the right-wing that hates women - but just loves its wives and daughters.

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Russia sees a shrinking population. They are concerned that as other Countries populations grow they will be at risk of invasion . They need the women to produce more soldiers.

The USA sees the white majority shrinking in numbers. In order to maintain white supremacy as the core of the state what they need to do is get the white women to have more children as they sterilize the undesirables.

The womans womb is deemed the property of the male and now the property of the state.


“Every person has a right to their individual personal and bodily autonomy, despite this administration wanting to prescribe otherwise.”
My sentiments precisely, Tarah. As women did finally gain the status of, “personhood” their rights must be protected in spite of bull headed male self supposed superiority. Particularly by those in positions of power, though their socks may rot at the thought of having to make such a concession to mere women.


Women need to rise up and put their knees together, how many of these women are impregnated because of rape as a weapon of war , or forced by a man who has an insurance sponsored little blue pill hardon but refuses to participate in using birth control hisself , perhaps More men should be practicing abstinence ,or all men ,except those who Win a lottery position to remain intact ,shall be required to get a vasectomy, the handmans’ tale ?

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To quote Joan Crawford (as portrayed by Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway in the 1981 Frank Perry film ‘Mommie Dearest’): ‘NO MORE WIRE HANGERS, EVER!’ What truly saddens me is that the United States has been abdicating its ethos as the premier defender of freedom, especially reproductive rights. Sadly, the overall human rights record of the United States has never been that sterling.


We hear from prospective mothers about bringing a child into the world but what about the child, might the child have an opinion too? If I were a child yet to be born I would like to know that I have the potential to be a competitive human being and not a burden for others. I would like to know that I am needed and will be loved by my parents and my country. I would like to know that my country is a place fit to grow up in and later to work in. If not all of these requirements will be met, then please, let me be an abortion.