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Saudi Arabia Has Little to Worry About – No State Has the Moral Authority or Will to Attack This Butchery

Saudi Arabia Has Little to Worry About – No State Has the Moral Authority or Will to Attack This Butchery

Robert Fisk

When Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN Human Rights Council in 2013 – with Dave Cameron’s help – we all regarded it as farce. Now, only hours after the Sunni Muslim Saudis chopped off the heads of 47 of their enemies – including a prominent Shia Muslim cleric – the Saudi appointment is grotesque. Of course, the world of human rights is appalled – and Shia Iran is talking of the “divine punishment” that will destroy the House of Saud. Crowds attack the Saudi embassy in Tehran. So what’s new?

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The aud family is quite a bargain for watching over the U oil reserves. Since when did morality and oil mix? Never.

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“Iran, you see, has hanged an estimated 570 prisoners – 10 of them women – in the first half of 2015 alone. That’s about two lynchings a day – of “criminals” and “enemies of God” – and far outdoes the poor old Saudis who were, scarcely two years ago, advertising for more official executioners. In March, six Sunnis were put to death in Iran in a mass hanging.”

If one calculated both the number of individuals (mostly Black) who have been gunned down as “pre-emptive justice” added to those “treated” to the electric chair and/or lethal injection, similar levels of barbarism would show up in the USA, as well.

And in both parts of the world it’s largely religious fundamentalists who fuel these Crimes thinking they have impunity thanks to a particularly vengeful version of a father god.


The Houston Chronicle has a front page article that talked about the killing of the Iranian Cleric and “Saudies cut ties with Iran” on the first page. The article did not get to the number killed until the bottom embedded rest of the article on the sixth page. By the way the headline was “Opening weekend of open carry (of guns) quiet.” See everyone how safe it is for everyone to carry a gun. In addition it will be legal to carry a gun on college campuses in Texas in 2017. I’m so glad to see our right wing leaders taking care of such important business here in Texas.

One final note, our governor was injured in a car accident and won a settlement of 2 or 3 million dollars. When he became attorney general, he reduced the amount a person can receive from a lawsuit for the same accident to $200,000.


The Sons of Abraham were abused as children. Now, they worship a god who demands human sacrifice. Monotheism is a curse. No one religion owns ‘god.’

Common Dreams: The first three paragraphs in this article are repeated in the next three.

uhhh, just exactly when does this revolution start?