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Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American


Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American

Trita Parsi

Riyadh’s aim is to drag the United States back into the Middle East, tilting the balance back to Israel and Saudi Arabia.


2 theocracies pull the strings of US foreign policy.

WW3 is right around the corner.



Of course, there’s still that N. Korea problem.


Saudi Arabia is vying for the title of the Greatest Terrorist Country in the World.

Sorry, Saudis, you’ll have to accept 2nd place.

The United States of America has that title by a long shot.


The War will be all about getting oil prices at $250 a barrel till its over. That saves the Saudis , Iran and the Russians plus all the US producers. Couple that with the move to kill Alt. energy by Trumpf’s gang and you have a lock. Gas prices $10 a gal. by spring. Market collapse buying spree for the OIL States and Fossil energy folks.


Good piece! Trump is being played for a fool. Iran is not our enemy, unless we choose to make it so. He is in way over his head!


“Why Netanyahu would like to go along with this also follows a certain logic.”

Netanyahu is not “going along”. Netanyahu and hs Neocon dual-loyalist buddies have been working feveriously for eons to have the US swat Iran at out cost for their benefit.

Israel is a blood and treasure sucking parasite that seek to control its host.


It’s mind boggling isn’t it? I don’t know how anyone can say that the U.S. are the good guys and protectors around the world. Oh wait I do, it is because of the media, who also now want to escalate with Russia. One thing both parties have in common? They both want war war and more war.


Yeah, but let’s spend all our time focusing on Russiagate, right? Just what the Neocons want as they drag us into, yet, another invasion of a country that is no threat to ours.


And seemingly the USA is also seeking to control women - religious nutcases go hand in hand!


Just more reason to leave the Middle East. Do we really think we can solve their centuries of religious strife. Where is the anti-war crowd when we need them? Simply leave the Middle East and let them kill each other.