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Saudi Blockade Threatens Famine in Yemen

Saudi Blockade Threatens Famine in Yemen

Sherine El Taraboulsi

Last week a royal Saudi charity announced that it would donate $244 million to help those in the grip of a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. But meanwhile, the ongoing blockade by the Saudi-led coalition combined with escalating violence risks pushing the country towards a famine.

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Apparently, what was let loose not by the alleged terrorists who allegedly took down the U.S twin towers, but rather by the waiting legions of militarists in search of a pretext to declare (in untold actions, if not words) World War III… is an ongoing assault upon entities formerly rendered Protected Status.

From the students disappeared in Mexico, to the Indigenous leaders trying to protect the Amazon from ruinous corporate exploitation, to the journalists gunned down in and near war zones, to the current directed attack against hospitals and the doctors providing triage in this era of massive war crimes.

First, there’s the hospital attacked for 2 hours in Afghanistan and an apparent direct assault on Doctors Without Borders. Recently, Amy Goodman hosted another medical team relating how they were firebombed in Egypt; and now this… referring to Yemen:

“Meanwhile humanitarian aid organisations are struggling to deliver aid. Most recently, a MSF hospital in the north of Yemen was bombed by a missile strike (Saudi Arabia has denied responsibility for the attack).”

Journalists are another apparent target these days.

The rule of law has almost completely broken down. It’s beyond amazing that those doing all this “precision drone-striking” which manages to murder 9 civilians for every “target,” can then work to destroy those who bravely seek to put back asunder what the followers of the war-god so blithely tear asunder.

Yemen is one of the poorest nations in the world and it was just the recipient of a rare (to form in that region) cyclone. The misery levels (added to hunger) are astounding.

What kind of twisted mind finds in such an already blighted people… a target?

I get the feeling that those with the morality of the Saudi Princes; those that have tired of fast cars and women now take their pleasure in purchasing weapons that they then seek a CAUSE to use against human beings.

Years ago I taught a short story entitled, “The Most Dangerous Game.” It was based on a rich man who had enough money to purchase his own remote island. His great passion was hunting… so when any vessel was so unfortunate as to land on “his island,” its crew would become his game.

I think some of the global elite look at human beings that are trapped under difficult circumstances in a manner akin to those fated to land on Mr. Game-Hunter’s private island. What’s the “fun” of buying all those impossibly destructive weapons from U.S. weapons’ makers… if they can’t be used?

From there, it’s a matter of creating phony pretexts and purchasing the legal power and media influence to promote a story that rationalizes cold-blooded mass murder. THAT is pretty much the fashion these days as made obvious by a number of national “leaders.”


Food has been a major weapon in war for millennia. It’s simply part of the reduction in population necessary for colonization and empire building.

What used to be called “colonization” is now just invasion and occupation. A few historic examples are the destruction of native corn crops during American colonial days and the destruction of the great buffalo herds, to crop-killing chemicals and brutal sanctions such as in Vietnam, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen.

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