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Saudi Bombing Kills Dozens, and US Complicit, as 'Man-Made Crisis' in Yemen Worsens


Saudi Bombing Kills Dozens, and US Complicit, as 'Man-Made Crisis' in Yemen Worsens

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An airstrike by the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition on a hotel near the Yemeni capital Sanaa killed dozens of people on Wednesday, multiple news agencies have reported, as a "man made" humanitarian crisis extends its grip on the impoverished nation.


Can the people of America demand that Trump and “his” Generals be tried for War Crimes by the United Nations or the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague?

Since it is difficult to impossible to sue the Federal Government or the Military as individuals, can residents of each individual state collectively with the state taking the lead role, sue both the Federal Government and the Military for exercising Terrorist Attacks and Murdering innocent men, women, and children all around the globe, on the basis that their rights to a peaceful country are being violated?

Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

If every state filed a lawsuit demanding our government cease and desist this illegal practice, perhaps we could begin to take our country back from these Murderers.


Damn the “Coalition”. I hope the stockholders of the corporations that are making huge profits from Munitions sold to Saudi Arabia see their blood money go up in smoke. I am not proud of my country
any more.


“Loyalty to the Nation, all the time, loyalty to the Government, when it deserves it.” ~Mark Twain


I watched an interview a young woman had with the Head of the KKK and his wife.
*The guy was perfectly calm and relaxed. She asked him if he was a racist and he said he wasn’t. He said Jesus or God said to be faithful to your people and country. He said he is white and they are his people. You are black or whatever and should go away to your own people.
*The link to this is on CD, I’ll see if I can post it. No, not CD, but here is the link.

*Finally, she asked him what he planned to do with the eleven million immigrants in the US. He said get rid of them. She asked how he could do that with eleven million people. His answer was kill them. When she expressed doubt that they could do that, he said, “Last time we killed six million Jews. Eleven million here is no big deal.”
*This is the caliber of people that count the orange turd as their anointed leader to greatness.
*We are in a heap of trouble, and so is the rest of the world because they obviously don’t count, and the bastards want to import the same solution here to make a lily white America.
*Way past time for a big change in this country, and not in the direction the Nazis would have us go.


The U.S. is by no means the “middle-man” in this particular horror. The attacks on Yemen are the direct result of policies that have gone for decades to control oil deposits in the region.


It used to be that Saudi Arabia and Israel were oil and water, or perhaps gasoline and a match. Then they discovered they both hate Persia, so they have, probably, buried the hatchet to join together to destroy Persia. Saudi Arabia has made arrangements for the Israeli Air Force to use one of their closest airbases to Persia, to refuel during their attacks.
*I suppose that, if they succeed in destroying Persia, they will go back to their former enmity.
*Meanwhile, Thousands of Palestinians suffer hunger, homelessness, arrests, torture, long prison sentences for the “crime” of being Palestinian.
*With our help and armaments, both Palestine and Yemen are being driven to destruction. Yemen has virtually nothing left, and if they do accomplish something like getting a hospital on line, the Saudis quickly blow it up. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Yemenis are homeless, with no food or water, no medical facilities available, with cholera raging through the land. Children are dying, of hunger, of cholera, of bad water, of no medicine. The toll is great with the adults as well.
*With the use of our “Smart Bombs,” the Saudis have destroyed the last open port in Yemen, targeting the cargo cranes, then blocking any replacements of the cranes.
*Our two “great allies” in the Middle East have proven themselves to be sadistic, cruel, genocidal killers with no sympathy for their victims. But then, when you look at the US operations around the world, that fits right into the mold. They are three birds (vultures) of the same feather.
*If the three nations mentioned above were to lose their “leaders” and the wealthy Oilagarchy that supports them, the world could heave a deep sigh of relief, then start repairing and rebuilding the world and civilization they have done their best to destroy.
*Unfortunately, that does not seem to be in the offing.