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Saudi Crown Prince 'Hungry for War' and Trump Seems Perfectly 'Eager to Comply'


Saudi Crown Prince 'Hungry for War' and Trump Seems Perfectly 'Eager to Comply'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Saudi Arabia has Trump exactly where they want him," argued one expert


The art of the deal? Trump is a great salesman for the war profiteers. They must be salivating over a potential windfall sale if the Saudis decide to attack Iran!


Well, the Al quaeda ruse has run its course. The CIA backing of what some have called ‘the american foreign legion’ has produced the genocidal chaos that is all over except for the tears. Now if you don’t support ISIS, I mean fight IS IS, it depends on what the meaning of IS IS. Which has been the sick Clinton meme since the $#!t first poured out that mouth. You will not hear about any real elites when the stage is so crowded with predatory, effete thieves.

I do so hope that the death wish of the mercenary swath of human society finally just takes them out from the inside and they discover the grace to desist.


I have the 1991 book “The Transformation of War” (1991) on order.

And the last lines of this article I think, have things backwards.

This is a US led Great Game, and Saudi Arabia, as always, is along for the ride, willingly or unwillingly.

China is newly aggressive, and expansionist to the core.

Russia - I don’t know - afraid perhaps?

India - ready to implode??

It feels like the storm is about to break over all our heads, to use Winston Churchill’s metaphor.


I smell a CIA coup in the rise of this “crown prince.” Looks like and escalation of aggression against Iran is in the works and the Saudis and part of the Axis with Isreal and the US,


Without America, the Iranians would destroy S.Arabia in a war!


KSA is a puppet of USA. Russian hard currency benefits from petrol-state wars. Jared and the Russians?


Without America, it looks like Yemen would probably destroy s.Arabia in a war.




This is Natanyahu dream come true, CIA puts this fagot Arab prince in charge because the Zionists can’t have a middle eastern nation able to defend itself against Israel. They have so far destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria Iran is the only one still standing firmly against the Zionist wet dream of greater Israel.

Both their proxy goon squads ISIS and Al Qaeda have been rendered ineffective and defeated. So now the neocon fascists and their Zionist brethren have found a new monster to unleash upon the earth in Saudi Arabia. Of course the planes will be operated by US and Israeli pilots and all the bombs and missiles have already been sold to the stupid Arabs to tear apart each other as Israelis watch in euphoric elation. Sick isn’t it?


Saudi Arabia is part of the ‘Great Coalition’ that with the help of American war machinery is bombing Yemen to pieces. There is a cholera outbreak among the Yemen population affecting close to one million people. That human suffering needs to be brought to the world’s attention…


Their hunger is that of INSATIABLE GREED no matter the cost in human lives (or all life).


Trump has been getting cozy with Bibi via the Iran Nuclear Deal. This upheaval in Saudi seems to have been carefully coordinated with the Trump administration. Qatar is another area that is looking like a ripe plum. Don’t forget that Al Jazeera is their baby, and this uncontrolled source of information hasn’t made them any friends among the leaders in the region. Saudi Arabia’s population is mostly under 30, and disgruntled (remember the Arab Spring? You can be sure that King Salman does. Revolution is a young man’s game…) While we have an important base in Qatar, we might turn a blind eye if another country wanted to seize that country. Regime change is kinda our thing, and Qatari assets might be a nice bribe to offer the right people… Remember that the current kerfuffle that has isolated Qatar started with a bogus US story.

Trump has been beating the drums of war with Iran since he was on the campaign trail. Given that he’s stupid, and crazy, and his generals seem to be less than reliable, nukes would likely come into play. Israel has them too, and if they think Iran is a threat, they’ll hit 'em hard with everything they’ve got. If you want to go to war with Iran, the first strike had better get the job done.

Secondary supporting arguments related to domestic US affairs. Trump’s approval ratings are at an all-time low. Wars boost these numbers, especially with the muslim-hating demographic. Oil prices will skyrocket, which Russia needs to keep their economy afloat. This also makes it economically viable to drill for domestic oil-- allowing our oil companies to monetize their buried assets. Trump knows perfectly well that he’s going to the slammer, which would probably be a life sentence, along with at least one of his sons, and Kushner as well. In fact, the whole regime is going down, and he knows it. He’s got nothing left to lose, so starting a big fat world war (both in the middle east, and/or asia) might seem like a good move to him. In times of war, civil liberties are curtailed, and he gets a lot more power. If he wanted to put a police state into effect, a serious war is the obvious way to achieve this. It’s all part of the fascist dictator playbook. It’s now or never for him, and he’s still close to Bannon, who has every desire to set the world aglow.

Can Trump avoid prosecution through a war with Iran? I don’t see how, but let’s not forget that Trump flies by the seat of his pants, and it’s gotten him this far. He lives in the present. His whole plan may be to keep on rolling the dice…

It’s my current theory, anyway.


_Where is cholera found? _

The cholera bacterium is usually found in water or food sources that have been contaminated by feces (poop) from a person infected with cholera. Cholera is most likely to be found and spread in places with inadequate water treatment, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene.

The cholera bacterium may also live in the environment in brackish rivers and coastal waters. Shellfish eaten raw have been a source of cholera, and a few persons in the U.S. have contracted cholera after eating raw or undercooked shellfish from the Gulf of Mexico.


What is not said is the CAUSE of the conditions breeding cholera: towns and villages laid waste by the ravages of 'war" or natural disasters (soon to hear about cholera outbreaks in PR).


On another note, the demented dimwit pointing his miniature finger in the photo shows what a clueless oaf he is: pointing is considered a rude gesture in Saudi Arabia.

Pointing your finger or a pencil at anyone while
speaking, or beckon anyone with your finger. It is
considered a threat, and only animals are treated in this


Note also that Saudi Arabia’s oil assets are dwindling, which is one reason they are seeking to diversify their economy. After years of easy living, they need to get a good price for their oil, and it might just be easier to take it from other countries, ie Qatar and Iran. Don’t forget that they just arrested a guy whose personal assets are worth 34 billion. Not exactly chump change.

Note also that Trump’s business empire is about to be exposed for the paper tiger that it really is.

Note also that people in this country are sure to take to the streets in protest of this war, and other actions. If we are on a war footing, that makes it easier to bring on the police state clampdown.


And, still, 16 years later we have completely forgotten that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. obviously has a very “special” relationship with this regressive monarchy. Plus, with U.S. airlines all grounded after the tragedy in New York, the many bin Ladens were allowed to fly out of the country without even being questioned as Michael Moore showed in “Fahrenheit 9/11”.
Of course King Trump the Loathsome is onboard with this posible war. He loves thugs and dictators. What filth he is.


Other than that uncalled for ‘fagot’ remark, you pretty much nailed it.


I don’t have your confidence the Americans will take to the streets over yet another war. Once the MSM stopped showing soldiers being brought home in body bags, we stopped caring. While I am clear that the people of this country are not, in general, heartless, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ seems to be our war mantra.


I’ve never lost my affinity for guillotines…today is one of those days…