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Saudi Crown Prince—'Socially Acceptable War Criminal'—Enjoys US Tour Hosted by America's Elite


Saudi Crown Prince—'Socially Acceptable War Criminal'—Enjoys US Tour Hosted by America's Elite

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After meeting with President Donald Trump last week to reaffirm U.S.


Oh golly, I cant wait for the amazing and inspiring speech O will give him. We should place him and Kissinger in a crowd of people and play a where is Waldo game. Spot the war criminal.


Everything you ever need to know about US foreign policy is contained in 2 things, our invasion of Iraq, and our alliance with the Saudis.


Proof personified that the “leaders” of this HORRIBLE country are nothing more than thugs, scum, and paid-for pawns of the even MORE (?) corrupt!!!



Ready and willing my friend. Now we just need a few million more and we are going to kick their asses:)


Dan, I’ve been trying to recruit that few million for more years than I’d like to think about. So far…there is us, that I’m certain of!

The programming is very much in place that “We the People” are powerless. Maybe, to some extent, we are but THAT is because WE BELIEVE IT!!! Like you said “a few million”. Well, brother, we have a HELLUVA lot more than that if we could coalesce around a strong, fearless leader. Hell…if I was twenty years younger, I’D apply for that job!


I feel exactly the same.


What is amazing to me is that in the 60s and 70s there was NO SHORTAGE of passionate and fearless leaders. WTF happened!!! Oh, yeah: video games; “reality” t.v.; apathy; and the biggest of all–FEAR!!!


Red carpet for a carpet bomber


Yep, the USA Fourth Reich is controlled by a cabal of war criminals and fervent religions fundamentalist immune from any persecution and supported by a spineless and ossified congress. The allies of the Fourth Reich; israel and Saudi Arabia, are the world leaders in state sponsored assassinations, illegal invasions, murder and scores of human rights violations. Collectively they are truly the Axis of Evil. Some day, hopefully, they will all be defeated like all Evil Empires.


Not until we can have it televised!


That happened in the 60s and 70s. (As far as it got) Why can’t/shouldn’t it happen again?!


The people written about in this article are below the bottom of the worst of the worst of humanity. Yet they are present or past leaders of our nation and have driven it into dishonor and disgrace. While they surround themselves with wealth stolen from Americans and other nations they leave us with $21billion debt. They ruined the climate and are not allowing us a survival into the future. They stamp their feet, wave their arms and flap their lips screaming for more war, blood and treasure.

When do we stand and stop this?


satirical caption might read: [shalam allekom. welcome mass murderers, ideologues, extremist tyrant extraordinaire! there are many of you here with disorders happily pretending paradise or heaven is your own well understood cosmic concept. we don’t hate you, we fail to understand. follow the map to Donald Duck’s house.] is this off the mark?



The US has always been willing to do anything for money. It sees everything up for sale but when you get the land by murder and theft this is only logical.


This so called Prince has a who’s who list of American jack asses on his itinerary. I feel confident they will persuade him to treat his people much more humanely.


Hmmm, I wish it were so but they have left us with a $21 TRILLION debt. That means that there will be no end to these treasonous Rethugs calling out this enormous debt that they were largely responsible for and telling the public that we MUST cut spending to avert financial catastrophe. That always equates to ending or modifying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the general safety net of programs that we have had since FDR, a president these assholes despise. Of course, these same shitheads have NO problem raising “Defense” spending to $700 billion/yr and keeping corporate tax loopholes in place along with this appalling tax “reform” plan that was passed with the support of many loathsome Democrats who probably didn’t want to alienate their rich donor base.
Lets face it folks - our political system is broken and it will not be fixed by either of these two sellout parties. These scumbag Rethugs are working on a political agenda that has been in place for more then 40 years since the infamous Powell Memo of 1971.
I’ll remind everyone here of the words of the right-wing Nixon AG, the detestable John Mitchell, who said “We are going to push this country so far to the Right that you won’t recognize it.” Looks like they did because I really don’t recognize the U.S. anymore and Trumpo the Klown has only been in power for a bit more then a year and his Cabinet is a nightmare and his appointments and actions have disgraced us before the world and further strengthened the perception of the U.S. as a pariah.
“The reason that they call it the “American Dream” is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin


This so-called “Prince” is a member of what I call the Lucky Sperm Club. Like most elites of his ilk he has already distinguished himself as being brutal, hypocritical, greedy and intolerant. He did nothing except to be born to get to this level of power and vast wealth and he deserves nothing but criticism for his actions. It sickens me to see this bunch of U.S. supplicants bowing and scraping before this asshole. It is the perfect illustration of the evil alliance that the U.S. shares with Saudi Arabia. Remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and yet they remain our bestus buddies in the Middle East. Such a disgrace.
I’m reminded of that line from an early Bob Dylan song -
“You’re only a pawn in their game.”


Most obvious this 32 year old is just another Israel-US puppet. It looks like the supposed 9-11 aided Saudi connection will be allowed to go forward in court in yet another ongoing coverup lie.