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Saudi Game-Changing Head-Chopping


Saudi Game-Changing Head-Chopping

Robert Parry

For generations, U.S. officials have averted their eyes from Saudi Arabia’s grotesque monarchy – which oppresses women, spreads jihadism and slaughters dissidents – in a crude trade-off of Saudi oil for American weapons and U.S. security guarantees. It is a deal with the devil that may finally be coming due.


"Inside Official Washington’s bubble – where the neocons and liberal hawks hold sway – "

You can be a liberal, or you can be a hawk, but you can't be both. Try "neoliberal" Mr. Parry. Contradiction negatively colors your message. It also demonizes liberals, the principals protesting the head-chopping.


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The Saudis and the US destabilized Syria. American desire for regime change was well known 10 years ago. American invasions and occupations in the Middle East destroyed what little social adhesion the competing visions of Islam had acquired and the accommodation between the two factions broke down completely as a result of US hamfisted intervention in that part of the World. Yes, there is blowback currently gathering to make the US pay for its destruction and mayhem. I trust it won't be a pretty sight when it finally unfolds. If any American asks the foolish question, "but why do they hate us". I personally will kick him in the butt!