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Saudi Impunity Continues as UN Ditches Probe Into Yemen War Crimes



The Saudis are just one US/Obama/Pentagon "ally" that receives US arms and financial aid, and additional benefits to sweeten the Iran deal they feared or opposed. Israel, the Saudis, Turkey, and Egypt all got promises at least, continued/increased foreign aid, and more/better arms of various sorts.

Israelis/Netanyahu want and may get from Obama "bunker-buster" bombs, the most powerful bomb short of nucs and designed to take out Iran's nuclear and other infrastructure along with other demands they make on a compliant lap-dog US. http://www.theguardian.com/world/julian-borger-global-security-blog/2011/sep/27/iran-nuclear-weapons

Egypt apparently got carte blanch for all manner of repression of their own people and silence from the US/Obama on mass executions of political opponants. http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-sends-apache-attack-helicopters-to-egyptian-junta/5379173

Turkey and Erdogan got "permission" to begin bombing the Kurds, falsely claiming to be bombing Daesh/ISIS (90% Kurds, 10% Daesh), for OK US use the Incirlik air base to stage our attacks in Syria. Incredibly the US gave assent for Turkey to attack and renewal of their war on Kurds when Kurds are the only effective force with the experience and balls to fight the Daesh terrorists! Idiots r us in this deal!

The Sunni Saudis got permission to attack the Shia Houthis in Yemen, and are slaughtering civilians with our weapons. They also got more arms for not openly opposing the Iran deal. http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/04/14/saudis-face-defeat-in-yemen-and-instability-at-home/

It seems every one of our "great allies" got the go-ahead to attack and kill enemies, especially civilians, regardless the effects on ME peace - especially insane is Turkey attacking the Kurds. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/editorials/support-the-kurds-the-only-way-to-defeat-isis-is-by-supporting-the-kurdish-militias-therefore-turkey-10511742.html

The 5 nation plus US "deal" with Iran has turned into Obama & Co pouring more deadly arms into the ME - the world has again been snookered by the US warmongers and arms manufacturers - gotta keep those jobs! Israel is probably salivating at the prospect of attacking Iran along with anyone else that gets in the way of their racist agenda to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from all the Occupied Territories.

Boy-howdy, Obama really is working overtime to earn that Nobel Peace Prize............Obama's UN speech was mostly cheerleading for a world dominated by military conflict, a despicable betrayal of world peace; I hope the Nobel Committee is reviewing rescinding their ill-conceived Peace Prize given to a person that clearly never deserved it!



From whatever pit he is kept in, Hitler must be grinning with joy at the success of the US Fourth Reich. It is getting closer to the World dominating Third Reich he dreamt of, and its Axis of Evil is far more powerful and ruthless than his own Axis was.