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Saudi-Led Bombing Kills 11 Civilians in Yemen, While Kerry Ignores U.S. 'Complicity'


Saudi-Led Bombing Kills 11 Civilians in Yemen, While Kerry Ignores U.S. 'Complicity'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Another Saudi-led coalition airstrike in northern Yemen killed 11 civilians on Friday—only one day after U.S.


WTF! and US is complicit then US is complicit in creating more terrorists directll and indirectly. But then all of here know that MIC is responsible for creating more profits for defense industry ugh! defense -not. warring industry.


Israel isn't blameless in all of this.
They've been bosom buddies with the Saudis for a very, very long time.

Isn't Netanyahu's motto "The only good Shi'ite is a dead Shi'ite?"


By giving them weapons to do the deeds we want, places blood on our hands as well. They have become our mercenaries. A some what better wording than they have become our terrorists.


Can we petition to have Obama's Nobel Prize recalled?


They support war and the death penalty, but not abortion.
What did Jesus say about hypocrites?


So whose foreign policy are we pursuing in the Middle East?

Clearly the countries in the Middle East don't pose much of a threat to us.


Kerry - another disgraceful example of what passes for leadership from the Dimocrats. I think most will sympathize with him on the swift boat attacks in 2004, but would we ultimately have had a much different president than a second term of BushCo?


Yes indeed. My take exactly. Netanyahu's fondness for Saudi Arabia and the Sunni's in general, has to do with his desire to kill Shiite's from Yemen to Syria and on to Iran. The poor Houthi's in Yemin are small in number but a good excuse to bomb the life out of the country. I don't expect Kerry will buck that relationship over a few war crimes.


The term pro-lifers is a misnomer; they need to be called what they really are: PRO-DEATHERS!


Under the above picture, the caption should read:



The true purpose of the MSM has been proven many times; thanks for reminding us and keeping in your comments. The old Pravda is the new MSM, the old East German Stasi is the new CIA, et al. Keep the population in the dark through outright lies, or worse, lies by omission. Better yet "fluff" and ads filling the space. The news is oh, so negative, is what I hear all the time, as I think, you don't even know what negative is.


What's shocking to me was how fast it happened. Seems to me it was overnight when you had some form of actual news and a small nod to a free press and then, bam! gone and all there was were revisionnist talking heads and six corporations who owned it all. I can still remember when we could see nightly the death and misery the US government was inflicting on the Vietnamese. When's the last time any of us saw where/how our tax dollars are being spent, live?


It's not fascism when we do it! It is infuriating when I stumble across the US Navy "global force for good" adverts (recently abandoned) - as obscene a diversion from our role in global war as anything Goebbels came up with.......


War crimes, like being accomplice to a robbery when a person is murdered by your "pal", YOU are complicit and guilty of murder just as sure as the actual shooter!

It the case of US complicity to, and war crimes, in Yemen by our "ally" the Saudis, our leaders are as guilty by supplying the weapons, support, funding, Iintel, and whatever else we provide our proxy!

Obama is the figurehead who should be standing in the dock at The Hague - likely he will be collecting millions in "speaking fees" for his experience as a war criminal and corporate whore!


From CD's article:

The attack also came as Saudi Arabia claimed that Iran, its regional rival, is supplying Houthis in Yemen with missiles. While Iran's foreign minister dismissed the statements as "baseless accusations," Kerry said he was "deeply troubled" after allegedly viewing Saudi photographs that showed Iranian missiles along the Saudi-Yemeni border, according to AP.

From ZeroHedge quoting PressTV confirmed by Reuters:
Oil Spikes On Iran Report Saudi Aramco Facilities Hit By Yemen Missiles

Yemeni forces have fired ballistic missiles at the facilities belonging to the Saudi state oil giant Aramco in the kingdom’s southwest.

The retaliatory attack took place on Friday, hitting targets in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region and causing considerable damage to the Aramco facilities there, Yemen’s al-Masirah television reported.


Not in my name.


Now the oligarchy is accusing Iran of dangerous naval maneuvers. Got to start that war before the election. Ya never know if a President Trump would prefer to negotiate and hurt arms sales.


Israeli Zionist state expansion.....


John Kerry returns from Saudi Arabia.
* "There will be peace in our time!"
* Hmmmmm.


Let's see if I've got this right.
* The Reich can give weapons, intelligence, hardware and boodles of money to anybody that is slaughtering and oppressing anybody who disagrees with us. This is laudatory and acceptable, very patriotic in fact.
* However, any nation or group that helps, in any way, any of those nations or movements we are destroying, in the name of "freedom," is, by definition, a terrorist nation who must also be suppressed, for aiding anybody we don't approve of is a criminal act.
* God! The only difference I see between the Third and Fourth Reich is, the Fourth is bigger, stronger and more ruthless.

Jill Stein, Green, 2016