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Saudi-led Bombing of Yemen Resumes After Brief Ceasefire


Saudi-led Bombing of Yemen Resumes After Brief Ceasefire

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite desperate pleas from the United Nations and aid agencies that a five-day humanitarian cease-fire be extended, the Saudi-led military assault on Yemen resumed late on Sunday after only five days of a tenuous truce that began last Tuesday.

Citing eye witness accounts by local residents, Reuters reports that airstrikes by Saudi-led forces began sometime after the cease-fire ended at 11 pm:


Yemen and Afghanistan were/are two of the poorest countries in the world, and we are helping to attack/attacking both of them. God d-mn us all to hell…what more needs to be said?


Remember, we must not complain about, or BDS the Saudis, for they are our allies, just like Israel, and can do no wrong, no matter how many they kill and displace. The US Fourth Reich will help them in their endeavors and block any sanctions against them. It is inportant to remember, the Reich has a veto in the Security Council!

  • After all, the Arms Makers in the US Reich are making tens of billions of dollars supplying both with armaments and replenishing their ammo so they won’t run out, so keep those bombs and missiles falling.
  • Bleccch!