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Saudi-Led Coalition 'Deliberately' Targeting Hospitals in Yemen: ICRC


Saudi-Led Coalition 'Deliberately' Targeting Hospitals in Yemen: ICRC

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen has repeatedly targeted and attacked hospitals and clinics, an appalling trend that "disrespects the neutrality of health facilities" in war, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Tuesday.


" The US backed coalition has bombed nearly 100 hospitals throughout Yemen since March".



Off course these are war crimes. The tactic being adopted is the same as other nation states that fully embrace TERRORISM as a component of foreign policy and of their military strategy. It is also obvious that the US Government will ignore these atrocities given they are the ones that supply those arms to the Saudis , detail to them which targets to strike and in fact refuel those planes as they are in flight.

The Saudis and Gulf states also blockade the Yemeni people so food and water can not get to them. This all an act of Genocide.


Saudi Arabia is just an occupied land, a US military base for protection of oil. Israel and the United States are the only terrorist nation that have adopted this barbaric savage act, Saudi Arabia is simply following orders. Israel in Gaza and the US in Kundoz have demonstrated hospitals bombings, targeting of, ambulances, schools, UN refugee camps, playgrounds and civilian homes on numerous occasions. Gross War crimes have been committed by the two terrorist states of Israel and USA, Saudi government is not allowed to decide on much.


And of course never mentioned by the MSM. Yemenis it seems are expendable.


And these are the same terrorist tactics of imperialist amerika; world #1 in terrorism!


We hanged the filth that did that sort of thing, once.