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Saudi Mass Executions Provoke Region-Wide Escalation


Saudi Mass Executions Provoke Region-Wide Escalation

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates on Monday severed or downgraded diplomatic ties with Iran, in the latest sign that Saudi Arabia's rash of brutal executions over the weekend has touched off escalating—and dangerous—geopolitical rift with region-wide implications.

While Bahrain and Sudan are completely eliminating relations with Iran, the UAE is downgrading its ties. The move by the three countries, all allies of Saudi Arabia, follows the latter's severance of diplomatic relations with Iran on Sunday after protesters set fire to part of its embassy in Tehran.


The Saudis are relying on the combination of their vast oil reserves and the RightWinger/Republican anti-Iran fetish to bring the US in and start the path to all out war against the Iranians. The Saudis know they can't handle the Iranians on their own and if they can make themselves look like the victim in this that the US will happily rush in to "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" for them. The Saudis have always viewed the Iranians as a threat to their dominance in the region.


The Saudis should abolish the monarchy & send King Salman to the ICC for war crimes against Yemen. Just because the USA & many of its allies are democracies, doesn't mean they are always on the right side.


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Between all the War Mongers in the Republican party running for President and War Monger Hillary Clinton. We are like a slow motion train wreck that can be seen from miles away.


What on Earth is the president good for? Absolutely nothing, just like war. :flushed:


Thanks for correcting me. They are plutocracies, autocracies, corporatocracies & oligarchies. They are not public servants, the public are their servants.:cold_sweat::rage: