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Saudi Prisoner, Flogged for Blogging, Awarded Top EU Human Rights Prize


Saudi Prisoner, Flogged for Blogging, Awarded Top EU Human Rights Prize

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger whose 10-year, 1,000-lash sentence for allegedly insulting Muslim clerics spurred global outrage and drew attention to Saudi Arabia's repressive regime, was on Thursday awarded the European Union's prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

"Freedom of expression is the air that every thinker breathes, the spark that lights his thoughts. Over the centuries, nations and societies have only progressed thanks to their thinkers."
—Raif Badawi


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One would think Gawd would be able to punish the lad for blasphemy or apostasy. Why do these Saudis openly point out that they have to do the actual work of their 'god'.

Perhaps they, like I, know that there is no god. Of course, religion is a great way to keep yourself in the place in which you were born.


These princes are the boys Dubya holds hands with.



(to Raif Badawi)

Today the bay flung herself
over the breakwall and her skirts of foam
crashed down on the other side
where the migrant ducks rock
in the calmer water.

This was one way to remind me
that all the kings in the world
and all the potentates and empires
cannot equal the voice
of a great storm
blasting across the water.

Torture the truth-tellers if you like,
let the mass murderers fly off over the map
while the rest of us run away through the dust
of a falling babel
tie the women into their blinding wraps
in the heat of a thousand suns
if you like, but someone
somewhere will still be willing
to endure the whips
of your mendacity, your stubborn and

The spray reaches up over the rocks
and sprays my face.
It is cold, a waterboard of waking
to what the world demands of us:
that we give up our silence to be free
that we watch the light until we find our face in it
that we sing these songs in the streets full of migrants
and sailors of the ruined gospel of the dollar
that we climb back to the Parthenon and dig
for the treasures of our last great thought
that our vote count for something besides
the loneliness of Malcolm's father tied
to the tracks of the fires of sin and supremacy
that we kiss the arse of the wind and fly
the way of the legions of freedoms' choirs before us
before they were piled into the ditches
of lime and jowl-twisting dumb hate

I would give this man a prize too
if my own weakness weren't so chained
to the soul of the machine of soap sellers and antidepressants
but there he is, those beautiful eyes
those whippings
those stripes of blood

he will free me
oh slaves of the world
we are only as weak as our will.


Incredibly moving Bob...


thank you


Think about what you gave learned in this article and please remember that this is the Saudi regime that the US government supports and reveres!


The US "leadership" chooses some very depraved criminal "allies" to hang our much vaunted honor and mythology of "liberty for all" on. The Saudi monarchy/dictatorship, the Turks, the Israelis, the Egyptian military dictatorship among others are examples of such hypocrisy and deception.

The US heirarchy often uses the "dictatorship" label, when it suits their purposes, to depose/assassinate those who they claim "threaten the US" usually 1% profits interests" or to provide an excuse to increase the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) power and profits - at other times dictators and dictatorships are coddled, empowered, funded and lauded as "allies". The people who are supposed to stand for what the US fancies itself - for "freedom", "democracy", justice and equality are serving something quite different - they serve dictatorships of various sorts, wars and 1% profits, financial piracy and usury, and economic debt slavery. Of course our Fourth estate, the media/press, are dutiful craven lap-dogs to the deceit and publish progpaganda lies to be lapped-up like Mother's Milk by an ignorant uninformed public focused on the latest side-show celebrity scandal or event......

Funny things, words, and how some in positions of power use them.......and hope we ignore our "allies" crimes, racism, discrimination, and lack of justice and civil rights, who repress them and the truth.......


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.