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Saudi’s Brave Women Pull Back the Curtain on Crown Prince MBS

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/11/saudis-brave-women-pull-back-curtain-crown-prince-mbs

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Saudi Arabia isn’t a country. It’s a business run by a nutty old family. MBS is the dopey Executive VP who stalks the corridors chasing employees away from the water coolers. He also deals in bone saws, whips, and sharp swords, and thinks women are storage facilities for embryos. If Saudi Arabia wasn’t parked on top of a (dwindling) ocean of oil, they wouldn’t be taken seriously by the West. Or anyone.


Unfortunately that view is shared by a section of “modern western world” where driving by women is ok, but reproductive choice is increasingly threatened.



Hell, it could be worse, they could be meeting in someplace even more awful, insane, and destructive—like the US.

MBS is evil personified. He rules through fear. Every civilized government should turn its back on him. No oil is cheap enough to keep this monster in power. And we have the temerity to punish Madoro of Venezuela with sanctions that hurt the poor in order to restore power to the rich. Our government is so hypocritical. We cannot call ourselves a ‘great country’ and never should have until we acknowledge that our wealth came from owning and mistreating human beings; from stealing the land under our feet from the native people; from tolerating an underclass of poor people who live from hand to mouth; from going around the world looking for countries that we can make war against because it would be ‘in our interest’! And tolerating an evil excuse for a human being like MBS is proof of our hypocrisy. What power would MBS have if every nation refused to treat him like a king and more like the murderer he is?


“G20 meeting scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia in November”

A change of venue should be considered…Maybe COVID 19 will take care of that…

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Yes brave women that fight for the right to drive, but is merely a frivolous demand if we compared with the long strife of Palestinian women who are living in an apartheid, imprisoned, and without any women right. The Saudi women never have manifested in solidarity with Palestinian women or in solidarity with Yemen women and children. So I found the Saudi women struggle very lowest relevance and selfish cause, if they are not fighting for women liberation in Palestinian land, demanding their government to stop bombing Yemen where children and women are dying and suffering.

Why these Saudis Women have been ignoring the long strife suffering of Palestine women?, the children and women and children in Yemen who are dying because of Saudi Arabia bombing that country? Yea they want to drive, good for them, but there are more relevant right for women who are languishing around the neighborhood in the Middle East.

Yes, I understand our government’s OLD take on Saudi Arabia, that they were where we bought our oil, after all, and we didn’t want them to short us, for taking a moral position on their repressive activities with their own populace.

BUT, now that WE are the “World’s Greatest Oil Producer,” the idea that we STILL have to suck up to SD is Brain-Dead… unless you still buy that line…

NOT TO MENTION, that oil itself is going by the board, as we finally, belatedly, take on Climate Change, and start looking at renewable sources that don’t put MEGATONS of CO2 into the air every day.

Sisters u r raising a good message. I understand you are standing for a good cause and I support you. Indeed he has done wrong and is an unjust ruler. It is sad the world is turning very dark these days. I do hope everything turns out good and you all get a good and just ruler. Indeed we are living in the end of times. Also may I please add something? Don’t get angry, but it would be nice if you all covered a little bit more of ur arms? I think it would match better. The face cover and the tank top doesn’t coincidence. :slight_smile:

Man I hope covid wipes away all evil people. The ones that have not a spec of good in them so that after this the world will be more in peace.