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Saudi Saturday Night Massacre: Billionaire Bin Talal, Dozens of Others Arrested


Saudi Saturday Night Massacre: Billionaire Bin Talal, Dozens of Others Arrested

Juan Cole

"When the smoke clears, look for Mohammad Bin Salman and his circle to have consolidated power dramatically."


The Saudis are a totally corrupt, Mafia-like family (a huge one) kleptocracy that we would probably never have supported, had it not been for their vast oil resources. They are a major reason we need to end the need for that resource from them, and end our poisonous financial, political and military ties with them. They are a far, far worse human rights violator than our sworn enemy, Cuba. Cuba doesn’t execute religious non-believers, like the Saudis do, for instance. We need to quit selling them weapons that they use to commit atrocities on their neighbors in Yemen, and export Islamic extremism to the rest of the region - and the World.

The Green Party favors - and would move to - eliminate all aid to the Saudis, and would support a movement to overthrow and replace the royal family. Please come join and support us in our efforts to replace the Democratic Party as the second major political party in the U. S., and help bring about a fairer and more just World for the vast majority of it’s inhabitants, of all species!


Are you quite sure you haven’t misspoken? The Green Party really advocates continuing the US policy of muscle-bound regime change around the world?

How enlightening. I didn’t realize that when I voted for Jill Stein last November.


I don’t understand this comment at all. It misinterprets what genedebs says, IMO. Please clarify.


If money is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what does money do to billionaires?


Why does this sound so familiar only on a much larger population?


Talal was openly critical of Trump last year so the new Saudi dictator knows that will play well with the vengeful US wannabe dictator. And this past week Jared Kushner made a surprise visit to Riyadh. Wonder if the Arabian and American princelings discussed the upcoming purge…


Its interesting how those on the right would say that Obama would not step down as president—wonder if Trump is thinking he needs to save the country???

So in the eyes of US media Venezuela is bad Saudis good—Iran bad Saudis good—Cuba bad Saudis good???Is this a reflection on the US government and what the CIA and military have been fighting for.


You have a different take on genedebs clear statement that the Green Party would support removal of the Saudi royal family? He is an active party member.


Glad to see you still trolling these waters Bill. The incoherence of your comments are entertaining, like Trump’s tweets. Do you have a Twitter account so that I can follow the brilliant light that you shine down upon humanity? Just askin’.