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Saudi Women May Soon Be Behind the Wheel, But Still Not in the Drivers’ Seat


Saudi Women May Soon Be Behind the Wheel, But Still Not in the Drivers’ Seat

Medea Benjamin

It looks like 27 years of protesting, along with international pressure and government recognition that it needs more Saudi women in the workforce, has finally paid off.

In a royal decree, Saudi King Salman announced on September 26 that Saudi women, who have been the only women in the world banned from driving, will have that right as of June 2018. The move brings the Saudi Arabia a step closer to joining the 21st century, but Saudi women remain shackled by extreme gender segregation and a guardianship system that is a form of gender apartheid.


If the Ayatollah of Alabama gets any more momentum in his political aspirations Murkin women may be turning in their drivers licenses and a whole lot more.


An excellent nickname for the little weasel!


I still don’t understand why oil is so much more important than human rights that we continue to ignore Saudi Arabia’s violations of every basic human right of women, as well as their connections to terrorist states in the Middle East. All the more reason for us to end our addiction to toxic fossil fuels, so we don’t have to kowtow to them and allow them to get away with such travesties without sanction!


We have a president who denounces Venezuela( a country we are pushing in the wrong direction)and no comparison in the media to Saudi Arabia that Trump supports. Its like we should all cheer as these women get to drive—but what about all the US bombs via Saudi Arabia dropping on children in Yemen. WHY DON’T WE SEE BUTHANINA"S picture on the front page???


islam is a system of oppression, sadism and violence. stories of rape and maiming by mohammad are well known. he married a 6 year old then raped her when she was only 9 years old. he also raped her mother and murdered her father for which he was poisoned and died shitting himself in agony and pain from the poison he drank. saudi men are legendary for their rapes and atrocities. take the oil from all muslims and make it the worlds.


But can they attend the public beheadings? Tickets hard to get? The Saudi, Israel USA alliance is terrifying.