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Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help from the US and Canada


Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help from the US and Canada

Brienne Kordis

Government forces have been terrorizing the people of Awamiyah in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province of al-Qatif for months. On May 10th, the Saudis launched a military campaign to tear down Al-Mosawarah, a 400-year-old neighborhood that is an important cultural and heritage center for the roughly 30,000 Shia Muslims that live there.


There needs to be a lot more daylight between Canadian and U.S. foreign policy if Canada is going to preserve a reputation for decency and fairness.

Canada cannot on the one hand support rebellion and overthrow of democratically elected leaders in Ukraine, uprisings mostly by those affiliated with terrorists in Syria against a recognized head of state and elsewhere while also providing military hardware to a loathsome, authoritarian Saudi regime that is brutalizing it’s own people because they are not part of the state favoured sect of Islam and oppose being oppressed and discriminated against.

Self-serving inconsistency together with preaching about justice and democracy is a hallmark of U.S. foreign policy that Canada should not have anything to do with no matter what Canadian corporation desires it.


So what’s new?


Nothing, but I am surprised the US has not listed the shia as terrorists and used drones against them to help the saudis. After all everyone knows that only Iran funds terrorists and they are shias.


They are also engaged in a genocidal war in Yemen, with considerable assistance from the U.S.