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Saudis Join With US to Kill EU Effort to Create Dirty Money Blacklist


Saudis Join With US to Kill EU Effort to Create Dirty Money Blacklist

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United states and key ally Saudi Arabia saw their lobbying efforts pay off on Friday after the European Commission's proposed dirty money blacklist—which included the oil-rich kingdom and several American territories—fizzled.

"The Americans fell on us like a tonne of bricks," an anonymous Brussels official stold the Financial Times.


Now this is strikes me as theater within theater within theater. Screw the system- this reads like an invitation to a take-down hoping that it happens before it falls down around their ears. Patience and organization, my friends. The system has been set up over centuries to be a “too big to fail” farce. Funny thing happened on the way to their scurrilous utopia of unmitigated fraud: reality is now chomping on their asses and all the F%$# double faced dealing is spinning out of control.

Irony being that the -----s work from within their legacy of denial somehow -----ing imagining that reality does not apply to them. Folks, as far as I’m concerned, we are witnessing clinical insanity - plain and simple. What life will come to depend on, I would submit, is the very basic capacity of each and every one of us to hold our neighbors and community and local resources FIRST AND FOREMOST.

I hope beyond hope that I am wrong, but there are few if any indications that these manipulators can even tell their a$$e$ from a whole in the wall anymore. No reason to panic, no reason to fear. I think when people get a taste of reality once again, there will be a real resurgence, with REAL creativity and rebuilding. This system is being manipulated beyond any conceivable foundation of sustainability. Again, I could be wrong. I’d welcome evidence.


Saudi Arabia sure pops up on lots of Shithole Lists and Bad Dude Countries, right now. Our Special Envoy with the overloaded portfolio, Jared Kushner, really has his work cut out for him in the next 20 months, or so. Good thing he doesn’t waste his time on unproductive small talk. Hopefully, Ivanka finds time to give him a back scratch, and he reciprocates in kind. We’re really lucky to have such great people working for us in the White House, The Empire and around the globe.
" Is this a great country, or what? "


A capitalist organization decides against rules restricting unfettered capitalism. I’m shocked.


Dirty Money Blacklist would put the CIA out of business. Their world wide mafia, drug dealing and other sordid businesses would be the first on the list. This is why nothing happens when evidence of money laundering and secret accounts surface.


No, you are not wrong.


" “Governments must ask themselves whether they are on the side of autocrats or their citizens!” "
Clearly governments are on the side of autocrats.
With people like Mnuchin in charge, we know with certainty that any policy that will actually bring accountability is off the table, and any policy which will do nothing to resolve the problems will be recommended at the top of the list.
That’s the way it works in an autocracy.


The real Triumvirate of Terror (and corruption) - the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel.


Yes agree.

Appeasement didn’t fair so well the last time they tried it.


Just wait till smirking Steve and his Saudi retainers lose their petro-dollar monopoly for the transaction of oil and other iternational trade. Then you will see both the Shanghai Cooperative and a federally united Europe tell the US, Israel, and the UK "no more dollars–Go trade with yourself and get out of our world.


The sickness that is America’s marriage to the Saudis and Israel is buried in dark money politics and crude. Two of the most evil regimes on the planet stirred by Putin as well as the under handed Chinese against us as destabilizing. They have succeeded beyond all expectations in Europe with Brexit and have topped their game in the US with our flowed election system. Want the hear and see how this works listen and watch Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham and Steve Hilton at fox. Totally vacuous and hilarious. Serious in the sense that a substantial segment of our population think it is serious news rather than propaganda and fantasy.


Did I mention the Hilton adds that cockney-ed accent to the mix. Good for at least a twenty percent convincer for idiots.Cancel his green card or H-1 B1