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Save Lives. Fill Out Your Census.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/09/save-lives-fill-out-your-census

I wish it was as easy as R. Alvarez suggests.

Fill the Census form out and you will be counted!

You will be cared for if you are hurting mentally, financially, physically-----if you need a compassionate culture’s support, it will there for you. And in elections, your voice will count! (unless you are in a gerrymandered district)

The u.s. is a cruel, pathological culture with an oligarchy on the verge of fascism.
It is no wonder people are hesitant to fill out the Census form.

I completely get what the author of this piece and others have passionately advocated for and why participation in the Census could and should be very important.

With that said, it would be helpful to examine key issues associated with the Census and “Democracy”.

"The Census is a cornerstone of our democracy . . our whole representative democracy is based on it"

This has been written/spoken by scholars, leaders etc. over and over again-----for hundreds of years!

If this were in fact the case----- if the census was in fact a KEY element in maintaining democracy---- wouldn’t most people in the u.s. feel we have representative democracy?

Wouldn’t we in fact have representative democracy?

The Census----this “critical element for democracy” has been in place since 1790!

If it is indeed the “cornerstone of our democracy”------ it’s not working.

Many commenters on CD’s feel we don’t have a democracy.

If that is the case it is understandable that people----especially immigrants ---- are hesitant to support a failed system or even have the energy to take the Census!

Many people today can barely get out of bed (if they have a bed)---- they are sick, depressed, anxious, struggling to survive and take care of themselves and their families.

And they hear through their pain, realistic fears, anxiety:

Log on to your computer and fill out the Census form! We will help you! Just make sure to click on the correct link or you could get phished! h-ttps://www.aarp.org/money/scams-fraud/info-2019/census.html

While many scholars, journalists, politicians, activists etc. state the “census is the cornerstone of our democracy” it is important to look at the elephant in the room that isn’t discussed when there are pieces like this that tell you —“you MUST complete the Census” or you will not be counted and we will lose our democracy!"

Given most here (including myself) feel that we do not have a democracy in the u.s. and perhaps never did, the census seems like a cruel joke.

Answer these questions and you will get fair representation!


The concept is wonderful if it worked.

NOTE: I am not advocating for not participating in the Census.

I don’t think it’s helpful to have an article like this without exploring the facts behind our failing (or failed for some) democracy.

Why hasn’t this cornerstone (the Census) of democracy worked?

This article implies the Census might not work because people in low income/poor areas or on tribal lands don’t participate in the Census----thus hurting themselves.

This is blaming the victim.

We need to look at why the Census has not worked and why psychologically it is VERY hard for people to dutifully fill out a form to hand over to an oligarchic, pathological government in this duopoly that only serves the wealthy—and now with an added layer of blatant pathology with trump.

Thankfully the Supreme Court blocked the addition of a citizenship question---- trump was pushing for---- to the 2020 census.
It should be noted that if trump gets 4 + more years that citizenship question will easily be added to the Census if it again goes to the Supreme Court with 2 new justices.