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Save Puerto Rico's Americans - And Stop Treating Them Like a 19th Century Colony


Save Puerto Rico's Americans - And Stop Treating Them Like a 19th Century Colony

Will Bunch

A lot of Americans don’t know — or at least didn’t know until they met a Category 4 hurricane named Maria — that 3.4 million people living in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico are U.S.


When the historical profile of HOW COSTS ARE EXTERNALIZED is laid bare in situations like this, the question is begged of HOW capitalism can still be considered a legitimate system that fosters ethical, sustainable society.

IT DOES NOT!! The amazing conflation of the human ego with self-destructive addictive behaviours of co-dependency in Victorian slave mode is absolutely stunning.



Well said, Will. Is there no empathy, no decency, no morality left among our political leaders any more? Are the voters who elected these people bereft of these qualities as well? This nation needs to wake up from its self-imposed fantasy world, take a long hard look at itself in the mirror, and decide if this is what it really wants to be!

When the public gets more incensed over a few people not standing for the national anthem, than the suffering of 3.4 million of its fellow citizens, something is terribly wrong! Trump is but a symptom of a terminal social, political and economic disease, unless we start doing things differently.


Trump will not make more than a PR effort in Puerto Rico. He is a bloated, repulsive, infectious old man accompanied by his Orc horde. it’s hard to belieev things could get worse, but they do, on a daily basis. My thoughts and best wishes for the people of Puerto Rico.


What is wrong with Congress? Are they all clones of trump? Can’t they do something!


No. They are too enthralled by their Ideology to bend the rules and do something positive for a change. Sometimes I think it best for them to do nothing, because the few things they actually do seem to make things worse for most people.


I don’t understand this “But they’re Americans!” argument. They are people, if you have the means help. Why is that so hard? Oh, I forgot we are a country full of selfish trivial people without a spine, especially goes for those in charge.