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Save the Insects, Save Ourselves: Researchers Sound Alarm on Bugpocalypse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/save-insects-save-ourselves-researchers-sound-alarm-bugpocalypse


Any time you see anyone using Roundup, other poisons, or having TruGreen, Terminix or any of the death companies at their home, see if you can convince them not to do this. Explain that you don’t want to breathe the poisons they use, and that the poisons are contributing to mass extinction.
Most of them won’t care, some will be hostile, but some will stop using poisons.



I don’t think Mother Earth is going to give us many more “shots across the bow” before it’s simply too late to act, but clearly, NOW is the time to throw everything we’ve got into preventing (or at least mitigating) the unfolding ecological catastrophe!

My friends, it’s not just the bugs, but the oceans that are signalling collapse!

Do we want Trump out of office? Certainly! His policies threaten the environment every bit as much as those of his immediate predecessors – possibly more!

But if we want to defeat him electorally (the only way, as the impeachment farce just proved), the answer is:

Bernie/Tulsi 2020!

(I realize that Rep. Gabbard has her fair share of detractors, but the fact is she has demonstrated a very strong commitment to a credible Green New Deal. Besides which, most of the “war-mongering,” “Modi-worshiping,” “Russia plant,” “anti-LGBTQ” “cultist” attacks on Gabbard are the result of the Clinton-wing’s smear campaign against the very fiercest opponent of the neocon agenda. When it comes to a foreign policy based on the values peace and diplomacy, Tulsi stands alone – one of the few areas that Bernie comes in second.)


In the near future, cancer will be universal and normal. Everyone will be hideously disfigured by tumors and skin lesions. Beauty contests will feature women with massive tumors protruding from their faces. Politicians will tell us that this is just normal. Nearly all babies will be stillborn, and the ones that aren’t stillborn will be afflicted with dozens of childhood cancers within a few weeks. Doctors will warn new mothers NOT to breast feed their babies, because their breastmilk will be horribly toxic. Still, people will go shopping every day, will listen to the latest idiotic “music,” and post photos of their tumor ridden bodies on facebook. Rivers will all be on fire and food will be made of petroleum and plastic. All water will smell like gasoline. Everyone will pass massive amounts of blood in their urine and their fecal waste. Teenagers will be joyless. No one will be able to have sex anymore, due to sexual dysfunction and complete loss of sexual energy. Everyone will hate everyone else, though, so the disappearance of sex won’t matter. The streets will be crowded with dead bodies and dying people shuffling along with glazed eyes. There will be fires everywhere, and black smoke choking everything. Rats and crazed pigeons will devour the bloated, tumor ridden corpses. There will still be lots of billboards, though, saying “Just do it” and extolling the virtues of glyphosate and gas guzzling cars. Oh my, what a glorious future awaits us. And President Pete will be grinning from the upstairs window in the Bleached House.

Vote for Bernie if you wish to have a slight chance of averting this destiny.


With the pollinators gone, the oceans rising, coal plants still pumping out CO2, and people migrating from the coasts looking for food, there will be lots of conflicts and possible mass starvation, especially with the insects gone. Everyone needs to do something. Plant wildflowers in your yard to attract insects, build nest boxes for the birds, turn off your annoying yard light at night, help the spiders out of your shower (easy to have them crawl on a newspaper and take them outside), etc. These are all little steps but if everyone helped…


You lie, again. I hate Clinton and the corporate Dems. I also hate volunteer war criminals.
Gabbard is a volunteer, bragging member of the world’s largest war crimes unit.
She’s on record as an enthusiastic supporter of Hindu fascist Modi, and as opposing the Green New Deal.
She’s the only Democrat who refused to vote for Trump’s impeachment.
It’s bad enough you’re shilling for this non-progressive war criminal, but you’re also slagging Bernie.
“When it comes to a foreign policy based on the values peace and diplomacy, Tulsi stands alone – one of the few areas that Bernie comes in second.”
Tulsi isn’t even close to Bernie in integrity, policies, lifetime achievements and commitment to progressive values. Bernie is second to none.
Gabbard is a member of the Empire’s military. What stupidity for you to say she values peace and diplomacy when she helps the American military illegally invade and occupy Iraq. Get a clue.


I needed that laugh. Sounded like the synopsis of a disaster/futuristic film.
“Teenagers will be joyless”. They don’t seem very joyful now!!!

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DavidCarson, once again, we differ.

You wrote: “You lie, again.” (very diplomatic, very courteous…)

You wrote “I hate… volunteer war criminals.” First, what war crime did Tulsi Gabbard commit? Please name it and point to your source.

Did Gabbard volunteer to serve in an illegal invasion – one that I personally spent hundreds of hours opposing and trying to prevent? Yes, but it’s fair to point out that she was very young when she initially volunteered – and if you remember the post-9/11 moment at all, you know how “patriotism” was moving the vast majority of Americans to support Bush/Cheney’s wars. We opponents of the war were in a very small minority, back then. IMO, she made a mistake, but an understandable one, especially when we consider her youth and conservative upbringing.

Delving a bit deeper, what did Gabbard do in Iraq? She worked in a hospital. Where, again, are these alleged war crimes she supposedly committed?

You wrote, “She’s on record as an enthusiastic supporter of Hindu fascist Modi…” On this point, we agree. Gabbard has praised Modi, a neo-fascist demagogue and butcher of Muslims, in terms that are far too effusive. It’s disgusting, honestly. But Gabbard is no outlier, here. She has not praised Modi in a way that distinguishes her at all from 99% of other U.S. politicians.

(And just to keep you honest, has Bernie explicitly condemned Modi? I don’t believe so. If so, I welcome whatever facts you have to share.)

You wrote that Gabbard “opposes” the Green New Deal. I call “bullshit.” Outside of Bernie, Tulsi Gabbard has the strongest, most credible Green New Deal of any candidate. The climate catastrophe is one of the crises that motivated her to go into politics in the first place – the main reason, in fact. Read up on her climate plans, then get back to me.

You wrote “she’s the only Democrat who refused to vote for Trump’s impeachment.”

YES, TO HER CREDIT! Gabbard’s defense of her vote was perfectly cogent. Her argument for censure over impeachment was brilliant – they could have damaged Trump politically, rather than giving him the highest approval ratings of his entire presidency (while damaging the Democratic “frontrunner,” Joe Biden, whose corruption has been aired for all to see).

The Democrats’ deeply hypocritical, neocon-empowering “impeachment” farce was just the latest evidence of their inauthentic “opposition.” And it played into the Russiagate nonsense that’s re-launched the Cold War and put neocons in charge of the national narrative again.

You wrote, “It’s bad enough you’re shilling for this non-progressive war criminal,” (bullshit, bullshit, bullshit – she’s very progressive and a tremendously fierce opponent of the genocidal neocon agenda, which is why she’s been so viciously attacked and smeared… also, I’m no shill, but a passionate, fairly opinionated person, like yourself).

You continued with “you’re also slagging Bernie.”

So, pointing out that his foreign policy is second to only one other candidate’s is “slagging” him? All I’m saying is that Gabbard has set the gold (or near-gold) standard when it comes to foreign policy, and Bernie’s #2. But come on, a silver medal is hardly an insult!

(And for the record, if I wanted to slag Bernie for his foreign policy positions, I’d have quite a few opportunities to do so. Beyond Bernie’s Russiagate blather, he supported Clinton’s bombing of the former Yugoslavia and called Hugo Chavez – a progressive leader who lifted millions out of poverty and delivered healthcare, literacy, and land rights to the indigenous – a “dead communist dictator” – dick move, Bernie!)

You write, “Tulsi isn’t even close to Bernie in integrity, policies, lifetime achievements and commitment to progressive values.”

Maybe not, but she’s off to an awfully good start. Like Bernie, she has stood up to power in ways that are uniquely courageous. When she saw the DNC cheating Bernie in 2016, she called them out, sacrificing her status as a rising star within the party and putting an enormous target on her back… which has seen fusillade after fusillade of bogus attacks (some of which you’ve apparently internalized).

Despite being raised in a bigoted religious environment, she came – at a very early age – to reject her parents’ homophobic beliefs and has a 100% rating from LGTBQ advocates, with respect to her voting record.

You write, “Bernie is second to none.” (Agreed, with respect to most issues.)

But look who’s had Bernie’s back over the last several years: TULSI GABBARD! She stuck up for him in 2016 and she’s been the only one to come to his defense in 2020, for the most part. When Sen. Warren stabbed Bernie in the back, Gabbard was there, vouching for his non-sexist response to her bid for the nomination.

In truth, Tulsi has done a better job of defending Bernie from these scurrilous, false attacks than he has! Which brings me to another point: Bernie is also second to Gabbard when it comes to calling out the Democratic establishment for rigging its primaries! (Her election reform bill is fairly comprehensive, don’t you think?)

You write, “Gabbard is a member of the Empire’s military.”

I agree that the military serves at the empire’s behest and mostly does evil in the world… but it’s obvious that no one would oppose another stupid war or evil use of that military more strenuously than Rep. Gabbard would. That’s why the neocons hate her so much and Hillary Clinton calls her a “Russian plant” or whatever garbage phrase she used – “she’s being groomed by the Russians” to start a third party??? WTF?

You write, “What stupidity for you to say she values peace and diplomacy when she helps the American military illegally invade and occupy Iraq. Get a clue.”

…OK, so you like to insult people who have opinions that differ from your own. You like to call people “liars” and “stupid” and “Trump trolls.” (I get it. Lashing out can be cathartic.)

But aggressive personal attacks like the ones you enjoy hurling degrade the experience of many people who like to comment on this website’s pages – plus it’s undignified.

That said, you’re entitled to your preferred method of discourse, however uncivil…



With you on that! I absolutely HATE those petrochemical poisons. I even hate the little spray trucks, and other pesticide carrying vehicles. I think the people who do that for a living spray pesticides, must be mighty desperate. I despise the isles in the stores with all those poisons. Just another give away to the petrochemical industry. Yes, I explain to the misinformed that natural alternatives are better. I let them know about what the petro poisons do to the environment and their health. Little neighborhood discussion group is also good on regularly letting people know about alternatives, and even that it is okay to have some plants that host bugs that keep the environment healthy by attracting beneficial insects. I think the neighbors fear my wrath. LOL


Love your suggestions. Sounds like some of the items that are regularly on my to do list and finished for now lists.

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The insanity brought on by capitalism moves along so fast it’s damn hard to keep up with it.

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And we wonder why there is so much cancer everywhere. We’re killin’ ourselves.


There’s only one species of insect that is so toxic to mankind, that it deserves Nuking.

The insect that inhabits the White House.


Regerative Agriculture will save the soil. Saving the soil using Regenerative Agriculture uses a wide diversity of plants to feed the microbiological life that provides minerals and distributes them to plants so that the plants can become more productive and healthier. This symbiotic relationship actually creates more soil while sequestering carbon deep in the subsoil, and in so doing, provides a wide and deep web of life that will save the insects. Saving insects will also help to control insect pests, because for every one insect that is a pest, there are an estimated 1700 other that control the pests.


Better yet have activists posted a garden departments at Walmart or Target to keep folks from buying the toxins at the source. Then mount a campaign to stop then from making the chemicals in the first place. I write letters to all concerned in Congress.


as usual no mention of skyrocketing human population growth, another billion in about 12 years, then anther billion… all demanding habitat, resources… These scientists have apparently been intimidated by the religious zealots of almost all religions (and the economists who idolize infinite growth on a finite planet


I suggest to everyone to write letters to all of the big home centers in their area that stock a large isle of these products that when you are walking down that isle, you are forced to breathe the vapors or odors of the terribly toxic chemicals. I suggest you address your concerns for your, and your family’s health being forced to breathe this toxicity every time your enter that store.

If you feel as strong about it as I do, tell the manager of the store that you refuse to go to their store because of this, and you suggest to everyone you know to do the same if they’re concerned about their health. And that you will gladly go to your local hardware store, pay more for supplies you need, because they don’t have a small fraction of what the big box store has.

That’s only me.

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But what about all the perfect little lawns, bushes, and trees? How will they survive if let insects exist? What about our millions of acres of mono crops and pastures? We can’t let bugs eat them, can we?

Literally! Here’s Trump as a cockroach, courtesy of yours truly : )


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I realize that you’re likely a professional Gabbard employee, enamored of her, or just not very adept with facts. I do appreciate you acknowledge how fascistic and revealing her love of Modi is, and that she was raised in a right-wing Hindu cult. The reason she renounced a few of that cult’s regressive beliefs: political gain.
Making excuses for someone joining the Empire’s military falls flat on its face in Gabbard’s case, because she volunteered eagerly, continues to be a member of it, and brags about it all the time while praising her “brothers and sisters” in uniform. In early campaign appearances, she constantly appeared in uniform, and made her military career the centerpiece of her campaign.
She’s a war criminal like all the volunteers are, because the American military is engaged in an illegal occupation of Iraq, and she helped with that.
I also note that people distort her military service to deflect from its criminality. She was NOT “just a medic.” She was also a platoon leader.
And even if she was only a medic, she’s just the same as a mob doctor. A mob doctor is a nurse, veterinarian, or real MD who takes care of mobsters when they’re injured while engaged in acts of violence and of course can’t be taken to a regular hospital. Gabbard does the same thing for our gun-toting military criminals, the ones who kill innocent people in Iraq and other countries that never harmed us. She’s complicit in war crimes!
Gabbard is explicitly on record as opposing the Green New Deal.
She praised Trump during the 2016 campaign and met with him to try to get a job from him that same year–that’s why she refused to support impeaching him–she wants a job.
She is backed by and collaborates with the right-wing Hindu RSS and BJP factions in America.
If Gabbard renounces Hindu nationalism and Modi, supports the Green New Deal, acquires a conscience like Chelsea Manning and other conscientious objectors and whistleblowers have, and renounces her military service, I might view her more favorably.
Until then, don’t keep trying to convince people she’s a progressive, and stop slagging Bernie.