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Save the Insects, Save the Farmers, Save Ourselves: New 'Atlas' Lays Out Blueprint for Solutions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/save-insects-save-farmers-save-ourselves-new-atlas-lays-out-blueprint-solutions


Industrial agriculture is the reason there is enough food in the world for 7 billion people. I know it’s destructive, but what is the alternative?

That’s a statement without any thought to the consequences –

Industrial agriculture is the reason there is enough food in the world for 7 billion people. I know it’s destructive, but what is the alternative?

What are you proposing, that the world continue on in its most destructive actions until shortly
there are no insects and no vegetation? And NO food for 7 billion people?


Pesticides create a large product with less nutrition – less ability to heal and keep us healthy.
And, it is the BRAIN – the control over everything that happens with our bodies which is the
first harmed.

Our vegetation is already being negatively impacted by Global Warming/
weather and very specifically chemical use since the end of WWII –
Bananas, Tomatoes, Potatoes - all of our fruits –

Many Americans do not understand – because of the propaganda of the “meat” industry –
that it is VEGETABLES and FRUITS which are not only our nutrition but our medicines/drugs –
and what keeps us healthy nourishing specific parts – and every part of our bodies.

Let me repeat – VEGETABLES/FRUITS - PLANTS are our natural medicines and our drugs –
They are the models for all of Big Pharma’s drugs, but without the serious side effects.

Remind yourself that over-fishing has destroyed that source of food for many in the world –
what remains of “fish” right now is often the offering of a contaminated product, or a non-existing
product as the oceans have been so severely over-fished – and Trump is worsening the situation.


*Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people"–Henry Kissinger

We have to contemplate what forces are at play.


Can’t have 7 billion people (soon to be 9 Billion) on this planet. We cannot sustain the unlimited population growth we’ve allowed to this point from any aspect of supporting humanity you choose. The Planet cannot sustain this level of arrogance.

Factory farming has to overproduce because what they produce is less nutritious than even 50years ago

Fruits, vegetables not as nutritious as 50 years ago

Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Today?

Science study predicts collapse of all seafood fisheries by 2050

Germany’s forests on the verge of collapse, experts report

“We have met the enemy, and he is us”


Thee alternative has always been there. Go forward and be enlightened to the reality of organic farming, regenerative and sustainable. We can envision a better world, let’s put that good energy to use now. With all due respect to George Floyd may you rest in peace


Also it will save our soil which is so important for to beable to sequester the carbon which it is not doing a very good job of that as after all these years of chemicals are soils are dead and cannot sequester the carbon.

Also, these chemicals plants around the country spew into the air and water at their locations and the the aftermath of their producing flows into steams and rivers killing wildlife and people downstream.


The chemical poison industry in collusion with industrial ag is exterminating an entire Class of life on Earth for short-term monetary profits. Politicians-legislators do nothing in their complicity to the crimes, as they gain monetary bribes to ignore this crime and numerous other atrocities against all life on Planet Earth, very definitely including humans, although the consequences (including cancers) are less immediately visible.

END the poisoning of Mother Earth and Her creatures or pay the ultimate price - extinction - a poisoned planet kills all life and even Jesus will not fix it!


“Save the Insects, Save the Farmers and Save Ourselves”----
yes, yes and yes, even if it’s too late we must fight for the common sense measures outlined in this article.

I posted this article a few weeks ago and will re-post as it dovetails nicely with this piece by Andrea G.
Pass it around! Leave it in the doors of homes that are spraying . . . give it to officials of your local municipalities. I sent it to Lake Associations in Wisconsin:


Question: I noticed a bald faced hornet nest (what an amazing, albeit scary structure—I am allergic to stings!) in a heavily traffic area on the exterior of my little cottage. They are beneficial insects AND their favorite snacks are deer flies and horse flies of which there are many here . . . .

What to do???


Settle down. I asked a question and you attacked me like a wild animal. You, I noticed, made no effort to answer to the question; an answer which is critical if resolution is to be found. What do you propose? Closing down all industrial agriculture completely, without instituting a plan? Do you not care at all about the billions who will starve? The question remains, and I’ll quote myself: "I know it’s destructive, but what is the alternative? I mean it when I say I know industrial agriculture is destructive, but so is starving half the world population, a plan must be implemented to avoid both, I call it an “alternative”.


Jesus, we’re gonna kill all the insects except for the mosquitoes???

SMH, im realizing that my fellow humans believe that capitalism is meant to extract all of Earth’s resources; once earth is a barren wasteland, then they’re going to admit that it’s time for a new way…


I noticed that and thought it was a valid question that needs to be discussed.
Obviously everyone can’t just go to permaculture in their yards! Many (most) people don’t have yard.

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" the spread and intensification of farming is by far the most important cause of the global decline in insect numbers," the report adds.

We need to add that industrial forestry with aerial spraying of defoliants is also a major source of the of the decline of insect numbers and decline of amphibians and fish in the waters of of the the Pacific Northwest. The birds and fish that depend on insects for food will also decline. Ecosystem collapse is inevitable if the spraying continues.


Brave sentences to put out there in the cyber world these days Phred. If you recall, Michael Moore tried to make that case and got skewered.

It’s hard to talk about population these days.

Thought provoking piece below from Resilience dot org.


“Is it so scary or morally fraught to start advocating for a smaller global population—or at the very least start talking openly about population challenges? Is it impossible to imagine nurturing a one-child family size norm in the US and Europe (where each child’s impact is many times greater than a child’s in a developing country)? One is good. Two is enough. Three is too many.”

“Not confronting population head-on is like looking out the window of a plane and realizing you’re about to crash but refusing to tell the other passengers about the impending crash. Instead you spend your remaining moments convincing people that it’s “empowering” to wear their seat belts. That it’s a good for their health to put their laptops away and hold their head between their legs. Sure, you’ll convince some—and those you do convince might be better off—but you’ll convince far fewer as the sense of urgency is gone.”

“Reducing the global population is essential in addressing humanity’s impact on the planet—along with reducing overall consumption (affluence)”


“The evidence is clear: pesticide use is wiping out insect populations and ecosystems around the world, and threatening food production.”

While the psychopaths are busy distracting and dividing us to continue the plunder of Nature and our treasury.


Good question.

Organic farming produces much healthier food. One of the reasons COVID-19 is ravaging certain communities is probably the availability of phytonutrients in foods, many of which modulate the immune system.

I think the answer is AI and robotics, using intensive automation it will be possible to have high yield organic agriculture. We should make it our business to democratize automation so small farmers can remain viable and compatitive and not be annihilated by factory farms as they are being now. Automation doesnt have to be expensive, the cost for all that hardware is increasingly cheap. We should not allow huge comprorations to patent life forms. We should experiment with the techniques the Indians used which in many cases produce quite high yields without chemical ferilizers or pesticides.

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“Industrial agriculture is the reason there is enough food in the world for 7 billion people.”

Pure hogwash, and the exact talking point the petro-agro-chemical corporations use to sell their products of death. It’s not your fault you parrot this lie, the same narrative is sold to future farmers enrolled in agriculture programs in our land grant universities. Why, you might ask? Because these same companies provide the bulk of the funding for these programs, and require the curriculum to reflect this myth, to continue the flow of money into their coffers.
These chemical inputs destroy the living organisms in the soil that are needed to control everything beneath the top level of soil, things like organic matter that retains moisture, reducing the effects of droughts. Regulating the availability and uptake of soil nutrients in the root zone for proper plant growth, that provides disease and pest resistance for growing plants. Without these organisms, your healthy, living soil becomes dead dirt that eventually will not support life. As this slowly happens over the years, more and more chemical inputs are needed to sustain the same production levels as past years, creating a vicious cycle of never ending increased inputs that is not sustainable long term.
There are many other points to be made on this subject, but I don’t want to turn this post into a book.
The alternative is a sustainable system, organic if you will, that works with nature, not against it, as I described above. It’s not hard to envision, all farming was done this way before WWII, when the chemical killers were unleashed into our environment. When these systems are operating correctly, there is almost no difference in crop yields as compared to conventional (chemical) farming practices.
I would encourage you to visit the Rodale Institute’s web site, they have been experimenting with crop yields between the two systems of farming for more than 40 years, and have loads of data about this subject matter. I will say, yes, when a conventional farm makes the transition to organic, there is a drop in yields for 3-4 years, then the yields climb back up once the beneficial organisms return to the system, and the soil is adjusted to proper mineral levels. Hope this helps.


Plant a garden, bring in the insects,stop this mega-industrial farming…or we are goners. Our lives depend on the beetles, the moths, the butterflies. Ironic, isn’t it? But fitting


While there is something to be said for technology, it raises other questions. One such question is what energy source. current Agriculture is the prime consumer of petroleum. Not only does the fertilizer and machinery used utilize petroleum, but the food is shipped thousands of miles with petroleum driven trucking and shipping. Technology that is widely utilized to produce organically grown food will need a power source too. Additionally, as was implied by a previous post, a single cow uses enough land and water resources to provide food enough to bring them to slaughter as would take to produce food enough to feed 100 vegetarians for a year.


Hemp no pesticides or chemicals required ,you can practically live of the seed from the Hemp plant…one of the most nutritious foods for human health on the planet. The birds love the seed too.
What’s not to love about this miraculous plant it has 50 000 uses and counting .
Only one problem Love humans have forgotten to Love the Earth.