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Save the Planet—With Good Union Jobs

Save the Planet—With Good Union Jobs

Héctor Figueroa

Across the country, you’ll find millions of working families whose wages haven’t budged in a generation, even as the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Many of these same communities are now getting hit hardest by floods, droughts, storms, and other climate disasters. How are workers going to withstand rising climate risks if their paychecks don’t even cover the bills, while corporate polluters rake in profits?

Our communities don’t experience climate change and inequality as two isolated issues, but as interlinked crises.

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So are we going to finally get card check to organize all of those new good union jobs?

Hi Unmentionables: if we use 1933 as te start date for FDR and government providing necessary jobs—and come up to today—86 years later----- and then add in that it seems like every 8 years the economy collapses somewhere. The corporations are doing anything except that this at the top are but=ying their own stock to push it higher, but none of that is real.
There are a lot of cowards in Congress which is very sad, but if the government doesn’t grow a brain, then I guess maybe we’ll all be doing future jobs like recycling plastic bottles, like China used to do. China, like FDR, realized that you have to grow jobs for the people, before you can grown an economy. : )

I believe our future jobs may end up being soldiers. Either fighting here at home, or for another war of choice. The weapons keep getting larger and faster, so I don’t see an end to it all.

I’m not saying that wages haven’t stagnated and corporations and businesses aren’t ripping of employees but the US still has to compete in a world market. Exactly how do you compete with high tech countries paying a fourth of what American workers feel they deserve? Face it, the US has a living standard that is unsustainable on a level world market playing field. How do you overcome that? Maybe with a better educated workforce??? Certainly not by demanding higher wages than someone in Indonesia will do it for. You have to have workers that can do what workers in other countries can’t do because they don’t have the education or work experience.
If you don’t want to pursue higher education or advanced technical job training and are content with digging ditches then tell that to the backhoe operator.

Well if we keep de-emphasizing education, sorting plastic bottles is all we will have the skills to do.
You completely misstated the FDR principle. The GI bill. The GI bill educated a workforce for the jobs of the future. You can’t grow jobs for a people that have been outpaced by technology. You have to educate your workforce for the jobs of the future.

Hi Gandolf: I am much more cynical. : ( They will dispense with soldier, who have to be fed and housed, and just go with the drones that they are already using to murder people! From on high they feel much more godlike at a great height.

Hi sbrownn:
Sadly corporate America doesn’t want jobs for humans, as they get very excited about AI. taking over. Car companies went to robots a while back too. Amazon is experimenting with delivery drones-----so corporations aren’t thinking much of human workers.
I do agree with what FDR did in the sense of creating infrastructure jobs for all kinds of roads and buildings—necessary work after the nightmare of an imploding America. Even rich Wall Streeters were jumping out of windows!
I would like to see AI in some areas, like — Hmmm, how about all CEOs are AI as they would not need to flaunt their ridiculous 20 million and 30 million yearly salaries. NO scandals either, if the right moral imperatives could be built in-----although I suppose
that the old saying of , " absolute power corrupts absolutely," might turn to to be just as big a problem with robots as it is with people. : )

Nothing will change until we AT LEAST have an opposition party. We have none at this point. The current Dem leadership is not opposed to much of anything that the Reich does. They are taking bribes from the same places.

We are an Empire in decline and in it’s final stages.