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Save the US Postal Service Before It’s Too Late

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/01/save-us-postal-service-its-too-late

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War on government is war on the People. It is that simple.


What if everyone and everyone they knew all wrote to their elected ones and reminded them that stamps cost was 49 cents, I think. I would request a response by U. S Mail? I would write that my computer was broken and that, being an American, of course I had no money for a another computer—so they need to contact me by mail.

This is how the for profit carriers will learn that they have to take over the US mail job—which don’t charge nearly the amount that the private carriers do. In fact, in rural areas the expensive delivery carriers couldn’t survive on the Post Office prices Also, Also, start making requests to receive their mail by the post office, because if people don’t want to put their personal payment information on line as so many people on line are getting hacked, and if the elected ones want a donation, it will be by the mail’

I think that if enough people won’t interact unless it’s by mail, then maybe the elected ones and the delivery services that don’t want to deal with rural delivery----maybe they will decided that the Post Office is the best bargain around — and it is!

Writing letters gets messages through. Corporate owned Internet mail providers - text mine and censor email. They are reliable in their censorship, they are abusing AI to suppress important facts. They have an agenda, they are trying to steal our right to have the most basic converations that a restoral of democracy would depend on our having. G. and other big internet companies want to get TISA which is a huge theft of policy space that gives almost the whole future to corporations, and eliminates the public services by default, on autopilot, in the case of banking, online banking will make public banking illegal, in fact GATS probably already does, and guarantees corporations getting fees, giving them free money, a free cut of every payment, every tax refund, a cut of every transaction and get paid for peoples email information as well. They know that if people find out about the general Agreement, since TISA is based on that, they will understand TISA, so they dont want people to understand the gen agremt, especially not legislators.

USPS is under attack because of a trade agreement, called the General Agreement on Trade in Services. Its trying to privatize everything, healthcare, education, water, postal services everything Here is the scope of what can be a public service, defined as “services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” this definition is used internationally and its so intentionally narrow that almost nothing can remain public under GATS.

“For the purposes of this Agreement…
(b) ‘services’ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;
© ‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.”

So yes, we absolutely MUST use our USPS or we’ll lose it.


Due to the pension liability millstone the best Congress money can buy hung around USPS’ neck in 2006, using the Postal service is only half the battle.

First, keep badgering your US Senators and House Rep. to put money in the next CARES package, and to cut loose the 2006 millstone.

Although the author of the 2006 millstone legislation lost his House seat to a Democrat in 2018, slimy Pete Sessions is running for the 17th Congressional District seat in Texas. Please send any money you have left over (after buying stamps) to help Sessions’ opponent win.

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This may be a real shocker, but Despicable Joe Biden voted in favor of the 2006 Postal Act (PAEA) that caused the current problem. Obama apparently also voted for the Act and then did nothing during his 8 years to fix the problem. Maybe they didn’t think it was problem but rather an opportunity for their donors.


Not shocked at all, it’s what republicans do.

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Hi Stardust! Good idea about mailing communications to our “representatives” instead of email.

I don’t order much online, I generally buy everything locally, but when I do I always make sure that delivery is by USPS. I NEVER use FedEx or UPS. I don’t need anything in one day. I plan ahead so that is never the case.

And I always use checks from my local credit union account and pay my bills by mail (using a stamp), never electronically. I don’t even have a Debit card. I use cash or a check. TPTB are definitely trying to eliminate the use of cash too. Just like the USPS.

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this is a perfect example of the betrayal of the Democratic party–when they had complete control of both house of congress and the White House they could have --very easily–rescinded the law that Republicans foisted on USPS to cause the USPS to fail by requiring pre- payment of retirement 75 years in advance— (that is paying for the retirement of people NOT EVEN BORN YET) --did they?? NO -didn’t even make the to do list—instead they passed a a profit protection plan for the parasites (and some of the biggest donors to their party)—of the health care corporations who have been ripping us off for decades–I should note here that they could have raised the minimum wage to a living wage–didn’t do that either-could have forced the drug industry parasites to negotiate for better drug prices-wasn’t even mentioned and certainly never made it to the ACA —could have bailed out the people of the country and CHOSE to bail out the same corporations they are bailing out right now–while ignoring the needs of the people --again-- until there are riots in the street–riots I lay at the feet of their inaction—with the USPS like almost every aspect of our failing society–the problem is the absolute LACK of leadership shown by our whole political establishments and the corporations leading the charge to down the drain—want something different?? quit voting for them(as in-vote the incumbents out)-- and start voting for a different set of people–from a different party–they certainly can’t do any worse than our current bunch of fools and our very lives depend on it


Hi Rebei _Farmer:
The on my keyboard died… so you are now Rebi: )
I send any donations by mail too. If the post Office is privatized… how can America get any thing delivered without paying BIG rates to the other carriers?

Here is some info on what is happening globally

~http://policyspace.xyz /external/the-gats-and-canadian-postal-services

USPS is under attack because of GATS, the WTO trade agreement on services- the agreement to privatize everything. But its probably framed in high places as inconsistent for the US to have a semi-privatized but stil partially publlic, unionized (so only employs US workers) postal service when we are seeking other countries to privatize and globalize theirs.

This is from the CCPA - also on postal services -

This is about the scope of privatization - from CIEL - very good -

We have to support the USPS because its the only way for millions of people to get essential deliveries and letters. without paying a lot of money. Other delivery services dont carry letters except at much higher prices. They have no universal service guarantees.

Sorry about your “L” key. That happens to me routinely because I have a bad habit of accidentally spilling coffee or some other liquid on my desk and the keyboard. I’ve become really adept at unplugging/turning off my keyboard and prying off the sticky keys and cleaning them up with Windex and Q-tips. Works every time.

For me the thing about USPS is not about the expense, but about local labor and supporting our mail carriers. Not to mention the institution itself which is important enough to be in the original Constitution. The local Post Office is the center of rural towns. When I lived in Pope Valley, CA - pop. 150, there was only one building in “town” that served as a gas station, bar, and Post Office, all in one. We can assume that Amazon, UPS or FedEx will NOT be delivering to these small towns period.

I can’t afford to send donations to anyone or anything. I’m barely surviving on my Social Security cat food diet :wink:

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Just as a reminder:
“…What has caused its financial problems is the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), an unprecedented law pushed through by politicians who serve the 1% requiring pre-funding of health benefits for USPS retirees for 75 years…” In other words, to pay for benefits for employees not yet born.

HI Rebel-Farmer;
I was without a computer for a few days, but then I was saved by APPLE! I love Apple and I have a new keyboard now!
Yes, if the post office is privatized, then rural areas will be forgotten. However, on the dystopian side, I bet the fascists in government would want everyone in a closed up space…like Winston Smith in “1984.”
If you can find the book" How the Post Office Created America" you will love it! I got it for $5 or $6 on Daedalus books online( paperback published by Penguin)… and the author is Winifred Gallagher--------------it’s truly an amazing book of how the Post Office really did create America : )