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Save the World's Small-Scale Farmers


Save the World's Small-Scale Farmers

Vandana Shiva

The peasants and farmers of India are the most resilient and independent community I have ever known. They have defended their rights and fought injustice and bounced back after every flood, drought and crop failure.

Why then are they giving up on life today? Why are they committing suicide in such large numbers? Addressing these questions has become a critical survival imperative not only for farmers, but also for all of us who rely on the food they put on our tables.


Thank you for your scholarship, hard work, and commitment to both sharing truth and making this a healthier planet for all. You are one of the new wonders of the world, Ms. Shiva.


There is a big controversy involving US agribusiness, trade deals, saving seeds and something called Green Box, does anybody have any background on that?


" …agriculture has been artificially and coercively connected to global industry as a source of …" profit …

Profit uber alles - is our undoing , You can’t eat money, or bitcoin …


A great many resources are spent in the USA on developing, caring and maintaining household lawns. Time, gas/electric energy, fertilizers, . . . the list is colossal when added on a national scale. Given the abundance of fertile soil, rain/lake water in most of north america, it is fairly easy to swap those lawns with backyard/front yard vegetable gardens. I do not know if any one is noticing, the cost of every food item nearly tripled in US retail groceries during the last 5 years. Broccoli used to be one of the most affordable produce at 60 cents a pound. About a year ago, broccoli price shot up to $2 /lb and never returned. Drought in California aside, I think the speculators are hoarding food from the commons. (After tech bubble, housing bubble, food became the next investor haven). Long story short, growing food in backyard gardens has multiple benefits to oneself and the planet at large: fresh organic food, birds/bees/butterflies in the backyard, saving $s on food, exercise, leisure & even meditative stress relief. Personally, most of my leisure goes to backyard gardening.


This is a problem of Indian SOCIETY. Debt should not lead to suicide. Education is apparently lacking. I recently saw a documentary on RT about this. One farmer listed his cost per acre to plant his crop. The total was 90 (rupees?). His income upon selling was 20. In his case it seemed the weather was fairly normal. BTW, I believe he said his seed cost was 10. Many years ago here in the US, a common farm country saying was, “If you’re not smart enough to do anything else, you can always farm.” The world changes.