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#SaveThe600 Coalition Slams Trump Executive Action as 'False Promise' to Laid-Off Workers and Desperate Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/savethe600-coalition-slams-trump-executive-action-false-promise-laid-workers-and

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Trump is an idiot but he does one thing extremely well: Grandstanding with bullshit that the press eagerly parrots to their gullible audiences.

On the bright side, Trump has grandstanded a few hundred times too many, particularly with his dangerously absurd and consistently dishonest pronouncements on the pandemic.

Has “Trump fatigue” set in to the extent that former members of his base will see through the completely false promises of these Executive Orders? The polls say yes right now. But it’s a long way to voting day.

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The existence of a government program and its effectiveness, especially if aimed at the disenfranchised, are never to be confused; they are never one and the same.


And congress will not be back in session until September. How’s that for a democratic response to a looming crisis?
By the end of September we may not recognize the United States. And remember, in a republic it takes two parties to burn down the country. Sure it only takes one to light the fire, but it requires the other to look on and do nothing.
Done and done.
But hey, good news un and underemployed Workers. While you won’t have any money to feed yourselves, you won’t have to worry about having a house to not put your groceries in.

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Time to rescind the damn tax cuts to the wealthy and break the back of the unrepentant Confederacy.


Too bad our complicit Congressional Confederacy o’ corrupt Corporate Cretins connive completely bipartisan, showing suprising solidarity, when it comes to NOT taxing their graft, bribes and forking us to their insatiably feeding overlords?