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Saving Big Oil $900M, Trump Administration Moves to Scrap Offshore Drilling Safety Rules

Saving Big Oil $900M, Trump Administration Moves to Scrap Offshore Drilling Safety Rules

Julia Conley, staff writer

The BSEE proposes eliminating regulations that were put in place in response to the deadliest offshore drilling disaster in U.S. history

Tillerson was right: trump IS a fuckin moron, as well as an idiot! Those who ignore history or don’t give a shite WILL fall into the same traps we should have learned from. Unfortunately trump is too ignorant, illiterate, limited in experience and pathologically formed to know, much less learn from the past! Back then it was Dick Cheney and Int Sec Ken Salazar - both oil industry shills, now its the idiot oil shill trump & co!

The “Deep Water Horizon” Gulf oil spill disaster was exactly caused by such stupidity and penny-wise/pound foolish lessening of safety regulations! Now trump wants to do it again to benefit oil industry!? WTF!?

The limiting of rules to require an “acoustic switch” that is expensive but many billions less than the DWH spill or another disaster! Gulf states take notice! This man is an idiot and accident waiting to happen!


"“The MMS considers a backup BOP actuation system to be an essential component of a deepwater drilling system,” the March 2000 notice said, “and therefore expects OCS operators to have reliable back-up systems for actuating the BOP.”

But MMS left it up to the companies to decide what kind of backup system to have. And Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) wants to know why. Nelson has warned others about the possibility of spills for years as he fought growing pressure to allow drilling off the Florida coast. Now, he has gone from warning to pointing.


I’m beginning to understand why science has been so exacting even down to referring to us two-leggeds as Homo sapiens sapiens. Lets see, am I aware that I am aware today?

I am aware that I am not aware of any other mechanism by which society reins in the machinations of multi-billion$ corpracrats.

They have dragged the 14th century claim that indigenous peoples in the Amazon, human beings who have IN FACT stewarded those forests for thousands of years, have no right of freedom from their shitting petrol by the ton.

The oil companies have for centuries now demonstrated the twinklie tunnel version of Madison avenue marketing - BP having been one of the finest unveilings of precisely how psychotic the motivations are.

This industry is “driving” the society and it has an agressive death wish and is so dependant on “externalized costs” (say, poisoning the Gulf and the Amazon and the boreal forests of Canada, and lying about all of it) it should receive a degree of scrutiny with which it is so far utterly unfamiliar.

One of my Brooklyn heros - Prof Richard Wolff
The Personal Cost of Private Automobiles


Prof. R. Wolff is a National Treasure.

A box of rocks. I have a box of rocks to give away, Any takers? I can’t lift it anymore. Get them today for FREE. A box of rocks. I have a box of rocks to give away. Any takers? Please…

Drill rig workers are not happy campers with this news. Only a matter of time before more killing disasters like Deep Water Horizon.


Richard Wolff is one of my heroes, too. If you ever get a chance to see him speak in person, do it. He is a fantastic speaker. Very inspiring.


Jeez! Every day, sometimes several times a day, the trumpire does something else to increase corporate profit and decrease any protection for We the People.
*There is little left to save already, and virtually all of that is earmarked for destruction soon.
*But by God, just you wait until 2020 and we’ll elect a Democrat to save us and make everything right again!
*HA HA HA HA HA HA! (I’ll laugh until I barf.)
*If we don’t wake up and learn to get rid of the Oligarchic Greedopoly and its Duopoly sock puppets, we probably deserve what is in store for us.
*We need a coalition of Americans dedicated to cleaning house and restoring Constitutional Government to the Fourth Reich United States. The Duopoly has no place in that. We need to select people that are or will be actual representatives of We the People, not Duopoly puppets of the Oligarchy.
*With the benefit of long hard experience, we must then build safeguards into the system so this cannot happen again.
*The founders of this government were aware of government corruption and thought they had built in some protection with the checks and balances between the three branches. They warned at the time, and many times thereafter, to beware of the banks, for they would buy interest into the government if they could.
*I don’t think it occurred to anyone at the time that the entire government could be bought and run by the “bankers” Oligarchy. They own all of the “checks and balances” now, and you can see where that has brought us.
*When we take this country back, we’ll have to remember what has happened and ensure that it never happens again.
*When the secret deliberations that produced the Constitution ended, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
*Obviously, we haven’t, but it is time to take it back, whatever the cost, and try again.


Wow! Wolff for president!

I’m sure they are not.

I spent eighteen years in western Canada’s oilpatch - as a consulting wellsite geologist who also knows enough about drilling to ‘control drill’. Long story - no need for details,

Suffice it to say the movie “Deepwater Horizon” catches all the nuances very well - highly recommend it.

Schlumberger was sent packing before they could do their job - to save money - a calculated risk I think imprudent - pure hubris amongst a clique of big shots who had been ‘captured’ by the non-ethics’ of business as usual.

Hopefully the guys on the rigs will simply take extra precautions.

In any case, with the World Bank bowing out of any future funding of the fossil fuel industry after the end of 2019, the writing is, I hope, on the proverbial wall.


The pistol packin mama from Alaska says: “DRILL BABY DRILL” and I would add: NO MATTER HOW MANY WE HAVE TO KILL!




Recipes for Climate Change. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=fORlUQ53XAY

How much more damage is that monster in the WH allowed to do until something happens to force him and his whole administration out and sanity comes back? He is a very serious threat to planet earth and everything and everybody that lives on it. And all of it only out of greed and hunger for unlimited power.


I would much rather scrap Trump. This sounds too much like a government of, by and for Big Oil. My bet would be Big Oil helped to finance his campaign. And this is Trump’s thank you.


Nigeria’s oil disasters are met by silence

An article from theguardian.com

It’s from some time ago. Couldn’t see date.

Just what big oil needs…to save money. As for Trump, I thought we had seen the limits of stupidity that we would tolerate when Dubya was in office but Trump makes Bu$h 43 look like a fucking genius. This just can’t be happening!!!

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Unfortunately, it is.