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Saving Humanity From Climate Chaos Means Saying No to Business as Usual


Saving Humanity From Climate Chaos Means Saying No to Business as Usual

Sonali Kolhatkar

For more than 20 years, delegates from all over the world have met annually to discuss ways to mitigate the devastating impacts of a changing climate. This December, the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) will be held in Paris. Given how seriously we have already damaged the earth’s atmosphere, it is not hyperbolic to suggest that the fate of the human race rests on a robust global treaty to severely curb greenhouse gas emissions.


After twenty years of climate talks and little to show for it, climate talks have become as much "business as usual" as filling up the tank of your car with gas. They've become little more than board room meetings/conventions of corporate owned government reps to discuss how to keep profits rolling in while cloaking themselves in a greener and more environmentally friendly look. The only guaranteed result of COP 21 will be a call for yet another round of climate talks.


Stopping business as usual should mean turning fossil fuels from an inexpensive energy source into an expensive one. This means a direct tax on carbon and voting only for politicians who favor this direct approach to combatting global warming.


As always, not a peep about individual responsibility. What is the single most effective thing an individual can do? Stop eating meat, obviously. An activity that accounts for half of all greenhouse gas emissions should not be overlooked. If you eat meat, stop complaining about politicians and corporations.


The stupids who run the world and cause wars simply cannot be expected to legislate to prevent Anthropogenic Global Heating.

People who waste billions upon billions of their nation's cash on their militaries simply cannot be expected to do ANYTHING sensible.

Don't hold your breath.