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Saving Obamacare Is Not Enough—We Need Medicare for All


Saving Obamacare Is Not Enough—We Need Medicare for All

Dennis Kucinich

The health-care debate in America is essentially an argument over what kind of private insurance market people should have access to: President Obama’s, where the insurance companies made out like bandits, or President Trump’s, where insurance companies will make out like bandits.

Let’s change the debate by making it between for-profit insurance vs. not-for-profit health care. That’s what I and Congressmen John Conyers and Jim McDermott sought to do in 2003 when we wrote and introduced Medicare for All, HR 676, in the House of Representatives.


Well that's not going to happen any time soon in America. I think our best bet of getting Single Payer passed is something like the Swiss healthcare system where insurance is through private companies but paid for by the government. The bills are sent to the government, not individuals.

It's time to stop this stupid waste of time ideological debate about healthcare when the entirety of the industrialized world, but the U.S., has realized that Single Payer offers the best health outcomes, for least cost, for the most people.


Good article, by the real article.

Should have been Dem Candidate in '08 instead of 'Corporate Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' Obama.


We can say these same talking points until we are blue, but the GOP does not care about people who cannot afford health insurance. We need to focus on how Single Payer would be a huge bonus/tax break for every business that pays for their employees insurance.
They constantly complain about taxes on businesses and how they need to be cut so they can compete. Don't they know that businesses all over the world do not have to pay for their employees health insurance? That would be a huge benefit for American businesses without having to cut their tax rate. We need to think like they do and frame this whole thing differently


The Frame is the thing.


I, for one, would not let korporations off the hook entirely.  According to the Supreme Court korporations ARE now people, so obviously korporations should pay FICA taxes (and Social Security taxes) at the same rate as the rest of us. Of course the cap on FICA "contributions" - and also the cap on Social Security "contributions" - should be removed. Then Medicare (and Social Security) would be secure – at least until civilization collapses as a result of Climate Change.


Always good to hear from you, Mr. Kucinich!


Agreed, but today was a big win, at least for the moment. Millions of Americans, from what I've been gathering, have been calling their congress people about Trumpcare. And they haven't all been progressive activists either. That's important: it's the first time in I've seen that a huge portion of the public came out in favor of a national healthcare coverage system, however flawed that system is at the moment. It's been the opposite my entire life.


Kucinich for President, 2020.


Mr. Kucinich: Some of us in Ohio think that before we can have Medicare for all, we must have it in a state or two. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in the1930s, the states are the laboratories of democracy. Please look at SPANOhio.org.


And all the wasted trillions on endless war then we will have plenty for healthcare for us and for Mother Earth to bring down her fever and help her to recover.


We are going to try in Cali. I give it long odds, but the last time it only got 27% and that was in 1992. The more states try though, the more likely one will go.


I disagree, it needs to be enacted now, not 10 years from now! Medicare has already been proven to work just fine, it would just be on a larger scale.


Nearly a trillion dollars STOLEN from the 98% by greedy Multi-Nazional Insurance Korporations.
Nuff said??


Thank you for an excellent post, with points that are well taken and make great, good sense, Igillooly! Single Payer with Universal Healthcare and Medicare for all Americans would've been the best break for everybody here in the United States, only we all got screwed out of that one...big time, which is wrong.

The Republicans at large acted really viciously in this situation, and, even though they didn't succeed in killing the ACA, a constant vigilance is still required. This is true no matter who is in office, or in Congress, and always has been, because there are always people waiting in the wings to throw a monkey wrench into the works, if one gets the drift.


If you haven't talked to your reps about Medicare-for-all, now is the time and threaten them with your exploration of a third party, or a primary challenge at the very least.

But above all, work outside the duopoly. They're owned by Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag and Wall St.

And remember: you won't get more until you demand more. Shrinking violets don't command attention, angry mobs do.


"Six years ago, I was the last Democrat hold-out on Obamacare.”
II remember how he made all kinds of noise explaining how bad Obamacare was and swearing to stand against it no matter what--and then by the next morning after a brief talk with Obama he was all in favor. So he wasn't much of a holdout. I've never taken him seriously since.


Of course. Some doctors however will not take medicare even due to lower payments.


Do they? Perhaps if they wave million dollar checks they do.


There is somewhat of a plan in MA.