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Saving People From Coronavirus Can Teach Us How to Do the Same for Climate Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/06/saving-people-coronavirus-can-teach-us-how-do-same-climate-change

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Thomas Piketty’s (2014) Capital in the Twenty-First Century Should be a must read for all high school seniors so that they could gain a grasp of the magnitude of inequalities both within and among nations. Both must be ameliorated if anything approaching Planetary Sanity might be achieved. Current winners will have to do with less going forward and current losers must be provided with the means to make strides in their lives and those of their (fewer) progeny. Cultural sacred cows must be slaughtered and Regressive voices will raise up in objection as to hold onto their stolen fortunes. Worship of wealth needs to be among the first footsteps we see trodden off to the guillotines. Bernie is right, there should be no billionaires. Hard work should bear rewards, but usury should bear its punishments. Usury has no place on a Planet that is full of a greed-tempted species. Universal rights should be well defined, provided to all, and allow enough room above them for innovation (controlled barter/[non-predatory capitalism]) to enrich civilization. Not Me, Us!


The book The Storm Before The Calm helps us understand that we are going through the Overhaul of humanity .Its a necessary process based on the principles of how Life functions .

Climate change is a more enduring and existential threat than even this dire pandemic. If you’re in an urban or suburban “stay home” area, which most of you are by now, go outside (safely, of course) and listen. Just listen! Notice the absence of fossil fuel-generated background noise in the soundscape. Few cars, few planes. Maybe lots of birds (there used to be so many more). This is what a serious and appropriate response to climate change sounds like. This is what we would do if we wanted future generations to inherit an ecosphere that was remarkably stable for 10,000 years, but is no longer. We would extend this sacrifice, simplify, and adapt until a Green New Deal succeeded in replacing the fossil fuel economy. Think it’ll happen?

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France went to carbon free nuke electricity and heat decades ago in a little over 10 years, at no net cost over fossils, saving millions of lives from air pollution. Only thing missing at the time were EV’s and 25 cent a liter nuke synfuel - we have them now.

Can we get past the Big Oil cash now buying politicians media and NGO’s sidetracking the only science based solution to AGW, while promoting fossil fuels to the right and wind/solar backed by fossils with a end of the century promise of economical green storage to the left?

Millions die annually as result of that corruption with the right shrugging their shoulders as a price of prosperity and the left saying they are legitimate sacrifices in the struggle for 100% wind/solar by the end of the century,

The fossil fuel economy cannot be replaced by some imaginary zero emission energy source. I’ve argued at length that plug-in hybrid PHEVs offer many more incentives to reduce fuel/energy consumption and traffic than all-battery BEVs like the over-rated Tesla ‘S’ sedan and hydrogen fuel cell EVs. With a PHEV in the garage, the less we drive, the higher the gas mileage. Not that long ago, the LA Times published an article “The 500 mpg Solution” about plug-in hybrids. Incidentally, 500 is the number of PHEV households possible, or, the same battery and charging resources could go to “ONE” fucking Daimler BEV freight truck over 10 years. BMW/Daimler Nazi want us to believe their freight truck is an environmental advancement. Hoarding these resources by directing them to global trade will leave modern civilization up shit creek without a paddle.


Hey yes…
But we people are tiny, we are very tinya d while iour own inevitably aware action will make an effect, it HAS To be at he Macro level to make an effect!
You know… we have to act radically and as a total globe in the next 10 years! Otherwise we have no future for our children -or any other! It is teribly sad, but we will not let it happen! OK? We cannot! (We will not!)

People aren’t -to use that horrible term, ‘woke’ about it: they might more or less get it in their ‘minds’ — but not really ; not in their feelings as well… We need to be awake in these two places, as well as maybe our gut-survival place too, all three. And this Covid misdaventure is useful to say to people, it is going to be so much worse and for so much longer (decades -if not centuries) than this Coronavirus ! And it is gonna be quite soon , or very soon… To say to as many members of the public, something like this: ‘We will be able to be-with people (unlike now), but forced migration, no way of growing food, etc. are going to escalate — unless you join in with us so that we can do the impossible! But anything else is unthinkable, right?

People might think this ‘alarmist’, that such sort of ‘tactics’ won’t readily work on most people; but it is simply a recognition -like Greta Thunberg keeps saying, that the house is already on fire! We need to bring it home to people . Most people have the inside ingredients , heart and mind to respond, to actually wake-up about it! They have done with this pandemic; people (most) aren’t so bad!
Secondly, re leaders…: we need a Jacinda (i.e. the PM in New Zealand currently) in the larger countries. Trump needs to GO (there should be a World Body forbidding clear and obvious psychopaths like him and Bolsonaro from going anywhere near Power!)

He needs to be even more exposed than he has done himself over his utter lack of statesmanship and clear lack of fellow feeling over this Cornoavirus (Come back, Obama, warn the people of this psychopath as much as you can; I think it will make a difference!). He just needs to lose 5% of his ignorant base, and then we have a better (although not ideal) alternative…
So — for me- we need a leader of one of the main countries economically, to kind of force it on the people: a noble and brave one who has ‘woken’ to it, and to be telling them the truth (to use Extinction Rebellion’ s words) and saying we have to act Now ! People can still use their smart-technology, their laptops, listen to music — those sort of things; but flying, and food, and transport and a few other things have to radically change. It can be done quite easily since/if this leader, she or he Gets it, then no fossil-fuel capitalism would compromise them at al l! Bernie Sanders may still get in by some miracle!? I am not saying the challenge, the subsequent pragmatics will be easy, but that gesture, by a main leader, is very possible!
Anyway, with one True Leader saying this, then I think another will follow his or her example, and then another, etc.; but it takes a brave man or woman who is healthy enough inside to get it to start this ball rolling… !!

How do we bring it ‘home’ to people, oridnary people? Well, we talk about their families, that in as little as 10–15 years, their children and grandchildren will begin to suffer, some may die, etc. It is that stark, that unbelievable , and we need good science (as good as the excellent climate-science is) with us all the way. (I am feeling this Passion and togetherness/Sanity as I write this, by the way!)

One bad thing of this week, however, is the new Michael Moore documentary, -an absurd and artocious backward-step creating more confusion about renewables and the like! My God! This is the Opposite of what we need! Who’d have thought that good old (cuddly, but aware, sharp) Michael Moore would have suddenly become our enemy at this moment! This is probably the end of his mainstream appeal, I would hope. I was somewhere betwen liking him and loving him up to now; but oh dear, no more. He has shown his colours, whether through unconscious clumsiness or something more gamesy and conscious (I suspect the former), he has lost all credibility for me!
Anyway, sure I could say more, but I better wrap up for the sake of any readers that this may be having! :slight_smile:

We have to put our intellience, naughty/cheeky-creativity and hearts (deep Passion!), wisdom and enthusiam all together and to come up with something!, with many things, and go even further than we need to go! We are doing it for one and all, the animals and us… For our souls and our bodies! C’mon humans ! …