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Saving Planet With 'Green New Deal' Proves Popular as Climate Hawks Celebrate Midterm Victories


Saving Planet With 'Green New Deal' Proves Popular as Climate Hawks Celebrate Midterm Victories

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Advocates for taking rapid action to avoid an increasingly likely human-caused climate catastrophe celebrated as candidates across the country who have campaigned on a implementing a Green New Deal and fighting to phase out fossil fuels that have driven global warming won their midterm races on Tuesday while Democrats recaptured the U.S. House of Representatives.


I knew it wouldn’t be long until another group used the Green Party’s, Green New Deal to describe their approach to saving the planet.

Just another way to nullify the most progressive political party and their platform to save our Democracy.


And this handful of progressive and somewhat progressive Dims is going to ram a Green New Deal how? Oh right, they’ll unite with green entrepreneurs, get back to the hard-hitting Paris Climate accords (that mean nothing), etc. Probably they’ll sign on to Exxon’s and BP’s new “green” programs as well. No wonder the Dims beat the Rethugs in sucking up campaign cash.

Thanks to PB for pointing out that they stole a Green program and will certainly water it down to nothing – or even worse. That’s what they do.

Voters say they want clean air and water. So I guess it’s news that voters aren’t suicidal. That’s something. But they still seem to be deluded about the nature and purposes of the capitalist duopoly imperial party.


Yes, enough said!


One of the things that worries me amidst all these cries of Victory!
*Apparently, twitler has increased his lead in the Senate. I hate to think of the damage that the lame Congressional ducks can do to us, allied with the twitler senate until January.
*In January, the “new” Congress will take its oaths of office and perhaps begin legislating some of the changes necessary to save us and the world. Looks good! Then the Senate votes in a similar bill, but saving greed and bigotry instead.
*Eventually, in the spirit of “bipartisanship,” the Congress will alter their bill to come more in line with the Senate bill. Twitler will sign it and the Demogress will tell us how they tried, but the Senate had them blocked and they had to change the bill in order to save any of their changes, and so the ancient game will continue until We the People awaken and work together for meaningful change. Otherwise, the only change we will see is the spare change tossed by the billionaires, to pacify the People, as they pocket their profits as usual.
We the People will have to keep up the fight, support our partisans who won, and continue being a gadfly biting twitler right where it hurts. Remember, the Dark Side has trillion$ to spend to turn things around, and they’re not backward in spending it for control, just not for anything humanitarian or eco-friendly.


They can push for all of the clean energy they want. And oppose the use of fossil fuels all they want. But if they keep voting for these huge military budgets, does it really matter? The military is using most of the refined oil products.
We need smart, non fossil fuel, mass transit everywhere.


But our priorities lean more toward 4 wheel drive, 4 door diesel pickup trucks with gun racks.


From Noam Chomsky:

On the threats posed by the modern GOP

Take its leader, who recently applied to the government of Ireland for a permit to build a huge wall to protect his golf course, appealing to the threat of global warming, while at the same time he withdrew from international efforts to address the grim threat and is using every means at his disposal to accelerate it. Or take his colleagues, the participants in the 2016 Republican primaries. Without exception, they either denied that what is happening is happening – though any ignorance is self-induced – or said maybe it is but we shouldn’t do anything about it. The moral depths were reached by the respected “adult in the room,” Ohio governor John Kasich, who agreed that it is happening but added that “we are going to burn [coal] in Ohio and we are not going to apologize for it.” Or take a recent publication of Trump’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a detailed study recommending an end to regulations on emissions. It presented a rational argument: extrapolating current trends, by the end of the century we’ll be over the cliff and automotive emissions don’t contribute very much to the catastrophe – the assumption being that everyone is as criminally insane as we are and won’t try to avoid the crisis. In brief, let’s rob while the planet burns, putting poor Nero in the shadows


Okay…well the “progressive” label…may be okay in some cases…but …when I joined i. A group. Not yet charted by NY State… and made sure I was there every meeting but one…so we could always have at least 10people. Then…once we closed in and got our charter…I happened to bring up MORE environmental issues…CLIMATE CHANGE being the biggy… I was starting to extreme dire science that was know at that time. 2015… I brought up that we can not fix this by LNLY switching out our energy system…but that we need to cut out the FAT of our cultural activities and products…like. How 1100 private jets had gone to the Superbowl that year… Now. I am just taking this as an example of our ridiculous human expectations… anyway… All the men could do was come up with jokes aniut "DON’T touch my fooball…and then they proceeded to pick on my presentation of how serious cx is. And that we do not have time. That if we were ever serious . We would have completely turned our CAPITALIST ECONOMY AROUND AND UPSIDE DOWN…once they did that . I realized. …we are screwed.


Needless to say…I stopped going.


What I find interesting when you ask these politicians how the Green New Deal would directly affect other industries and what their explicit plans are for the future in regards to logistics, time management and asset management they seem to have no idea. Isnt this YOUR policy? Why don’t you know the technical and feasible challenges regarding YOUR policy?

Ocasio Cortez is a great example, because she is from New York and very vocal about a 100% renewable transition. This is significant, because New York is currently in an interesting position where three of the State Nuclear plants are facing decommission by 2024. Together these plants make up about 28,000 GWH or the electricity for about 4.3 million homes. Now under Ocasio-Cortez view of Green New Deal these nuclear plants are to receive zero subsidies and should not be extended as the state should instead invest the funds in renewables. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that except that New York currently does not posses the ability to manufacture and install enough renewable energy to make up 28,000 GWh by 2024. So now there’s a major problem in her own state that Mrs. Cortez has been reluctant to acknowledge.

Currently the plan according the New York democrats is to eliminate Indian Point, but extend limited subsidies for Fitzpatrick and Nine Mile Point in conjunction with a HVDC project that connects hydropower from Quebec to New York City, but this is not a Green New Deal Plan, and behind the podium this policy does not appear to actually be implemented. While New York politicians are raving about how their state is against fossil fuels and fracking, natural gas imports have skyrocketed in the state, and currently there are active construction sites for the Cricket Valley, CPV and Bayonne Natural Gas Plants and pipelines to produce electricity.