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Saving Raif Badawi: We Are Prepared to Present Ourselves, Also Give Him the Nobel Peace Prize


Saving Raif Badawi: We Are Prepared to Present Ourselves, Also Give Him the Nobel Peace Prize

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While the fate of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi remains unclear - his case was moved to a court of appeals even as officials twice postponed the next round of a 1,000-lash punishment that advocates deem a death sentence stretched over 20 weeks - the movement to free him escalates. Along with global protests and campaigns, a group of high-profile U.S. academics have offered to take his lashes and two Norwegian politicians nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize as "a beacon of light."


I am reminded of the work of Franz Fanon, the legacy of colonization becoming ever more intensified and toxic in the present and the two articles posted on CD one regarding the calls for declassification of Saudi component of the 911 Report and Robert Parry's piece on Al-Queda, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Industrial commodification conditions for humans have long passed the tipping point in every way shape and form. Yet the human mind/heart/soul integral to everything the construct has 'externalized' and treasured for perceptions is giving rise to what is most human: compassionate creativity.

As the system denies that it is devolving into its own fractured mirror world, the necessity to foster what it really means to be a human part of nature becomes ever more essential. The fracturing, like so much of what the system has inverted, is an evil (off the mark) version of what we currently refer to as fractal dynamics which manifest in everything from coastlines to sunflowers and the cosmos of which we are a part. So breathtkatingly simple - a turning of attention - yet for those enamored of the materially induced mirror, a herculean effort of mythical proportions because the mirror will never be sustainable.


...which is why we are so deep into the Sixth Great Extinction that we are close enough, now, to SEE our end. chicken theoldbiddy