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Saving the Monarch Butterfly


Saving the Monarch Butterfly

David Suzuki

The monarch butterfly is a wonderful creature with an amazing story. In late summer, monarchs in southern Canada and the U.S. northeast take flight, travelling over 5,000 kilometres to alpine forests in central Mexico. The overwintering butterflies cling to fir trees there in masses so dense that branches bow under their weight.


David Suzki won this award in 2012

2012 Inamori Ethics Prize Ceremony and Lecture (English)

I travelled to Cleveland to hear this talk at Case Western University

I well recall his statement early on that we are going down the freeway at 120 miles per hour, and we are in the trunk

I listened to the first part again and David is introduced at 26 minutes

Not sure about how the link systems works so it works so it might be here twice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzYoq91rahw&feature=plcp [ David Suzuki lecture1


Thank you, David, for this wonderful and informative news feature on the monarch butterfly, a magnificent creature and one of my favorite sights. Why are we bent on their destruction?
One of my favorite songbirds is the mourning dove, and during the summer I am fortunate to see and hear them every day here in NE Iowa. I remember my revulsion 4 years ago when Repubs in the Iowa legislature started a hunting season on mourning doves. Why are we bent on their destruction?
Best wishes.


So many species trying to warn us about our behavior and we continue to refuse to listen.


I greatly respect David Suzuki and his long steadfast fight for nature and the worth of all living beings, but I fear the campaign to grow milkweed plants throughout the monarch’s migration area has no chance–their migratory path is too widespread for these disappearing creatures to find isolated pockets and alleys of planted milkweed plants.

The obvious solution is of course to eliminate the root cause of the problem, which is the use of glyphosate itself. I keep hoping we can turn back the chemical tide taking over our agriculture, but fear companies like Monsanto are only interested in making money upon money upon money and trying to make them see the worth of things like butterflies is a fool’s errand.