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Saving the Oceans, Preserving Fisheries


Saving the Oceans, Preserving Fisheries

Gib Brogan

Studies have shown that responsible fisheries management practices, including catch monitoring, have clear environmental and economic advantages. By analyzing thousands of fisheries around the world, researchers have found the benefits of sustainable management policies outweigh the costs by an average ratio of 10-to-1. The responsible management of fisheries not only helps a fisherman’s bottom line, but also the long-term viability of the industry and the overall health of the oceans.


Bycatch should not be wasted and thrown back into the sea. How stupid are we as ocean stocks continue to decline and many major fisheries have collapsed? Bycatch could be used like it is in Asia where it is not simply thrown away like we do. If nothing else bycatch should be used for food for fish farms. Our greed wastes fish and depletes our food supply. It is nonsensical to simply throw away fish that could be used as food. Shrimp farmers throw away many of the same fish that we eat.

We waste the last of the bounty for little or no reason. Someday when there is far too little of any of it left then we will try hard not to waste any of it but now when we could yet still preserve and restore most of ithe bounty, we do not want to bother saving it and so we will lose the last chance to save what bounty remains through extinction.

How deadly becomes our passion for greed that we reduce our own food supply. We take the fish we want, the fish we don’t want and the food for both all at the same time and we keep only the fish we want and throw back the rest dead and dying.

We are vacuuming the oceans of fish by doing things this way. We will send out boats to catch fish for use by fish farms when all the same fish they will catch iare being thrown away in vast quantities as bycatch… Billions of pounds worth!


I have a better idea. Leave fish alone. Earn a living that does not require killing other sentient beings. I know fish are stupid and eat each other but we can live well without eating them. Retire every fishing boat. Let former fisher persons earn a cruelty-free living on terra firma. People who say they can manage the oceans are delusional. Let Mother Nature handle that important function.


The continued persecution of innocent vegetables is deplorable. Unhand that Broccoli sir!

We may not manage the oceans as well as we could but look at the damage we do by allowing inadequate managing strategies to predominate. We need to do things better and more logically and efficient while being less destructive and rapacious.

To tell people not to do what you know they will do is not helping. Better to offer up ideas of how they could do what they will always do (eating fish) but in less destructive ways and help Mother Nature’s bounty survive for future generations.

We live in the anthropocene where Mother Nature survives only in relation to us not independent of us. Those days existed when we were young but there are too many of us now and more of us will soon follow.

Earth is a closed system which can regenerate but not when major components (sea life for example) are destroyed. We need new ideas of how to make humans and Mother Nature work in concert before it is too late.


For humans and Mother Nature to act in concert, the workload should be divided as follows: Humans 0%, Mother Nature 100%. It is human activity that has degraded the oceans and the oceans will rebound in good time if that human activity is reduced to zero. Phooey on fishing. It is a cruel activity and it serves no useful purpose. Fish is not part of a healthy diet. And most of the fish being consumed by humans today are not healthy fish. Fish farms produce diseased fish. I see no reason to tinker with the fishing industry in an effort to improve it. Shut it down and let nature do its thing. How to shut down the industry? Don’t buy its products. That improves both human health and the health of the rivers, lakes and oceans and the life therein. Why defend the status quo? The passing of more laws, rules and regulation is just another way of defending the status quo; it’s like giving larger pens to slaughterhouse-bound pigs and announcing that pig cruelty has ended.


“Management” of any fishery is currently impossible. Over-fishing, once upon a time, was the culprit. Times have changed due to gluttonous corporate behaviors nullifying our Democracy of Governance by the People.

Radionuclide contamination from 435+ nuclear reactor fuel waste (plus decades of accidents and open-air plutonium bomb testing) kills more than just phytoplankton that live in the surface waters of all aquatic systems. These microscopic animals are the basis for ocean life, up to salmon and tuna, etc. Ocean phytoplanktons are the source of 40% of our world’s oxygen. Add effluent from big-ag and human wastes.

Add Climate Change with its insidious over-heating of our world’s oceans that produce ever larger “El Ninos” which in turn cause extreme flooding and droughts. Add ocean acidification due to over-heating of surface waters…

These all together, are the major causes of an under-reported, under academically-funded (public university research) into the collapse of ALL ocean life. HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!


With all due respect, it is wishful thinking to simply say everybody stop eating fish. That helps no one especially the fish since it simply foolish talk and will never happen.But it you don’t want to be taken seriously then fine, ranting without purpose has a therapeutic value I suppose. Discussing things constructively and brainstorming new ideas is more valuable overall and is actually more therapeutic than impossible fantasies imo.


TO zenpractice-
I can not get this site to work for me, but this one is for you-

Believe it or not, if you went to Alaska and travelled about to just about any interior or Coastal village and told an Aleut, Inuit, Athabascan, Tlingit or Haida that they should/could no longer eat fish, seal or in some cases whale, you would either be laughed out of town, keel hauled or skinned alive-
There are still wild places on this planet where the aboriginals live and eat from lakes, rivers, streams or mainly the ocean- To deny them this would result in certain starvation…
On A lighter note, here is what the effect of those bottom destroying, big Ocean Trawlers are doing- This satellite imagery is at least disturbing and when one looks at the damage to the sea floor it makes one mad as hell:


Human overpopulation is focusing popular attention on its effects on natural resources like fisheries. If people learn and take these lessons seriously, there might be a positive future outcome out of all this destruction.

For conservatives to learn these things, it will have to get a lot worse. Then they will blame the liberals for the problems.

But in the end, liberals will win because they have science and humanism on their side, while conservatives have superstition and bestialism on theirs.


We omnivores will be obligatory vegetarians as a result of our deteriorating environment.


You and I agree that what humans are doing to the oceans is outrageous. If aboriginal people have to eat fish and whales, I have no problem with that since they live where non-sentient food will not grow. But that is no excuse for the 99% who do not need to look to the seas for food.


I am discussing this issue constructively and brainstorming for new ideas. Apparently you are so mentally inflexible that my remarks strike you as foolish. If you are not open to fresh ideas, and cannot conceive of a world without violence to all living things, maybe you are the one who is foolish. I do not take your cynicism and lack of hope for a better world seriously. And there are people who do consider my remarks to be constructive. Your dismissive and flippant remarks about all things vegetarian falls far short of mature discourse. I know that you and a few others will call me foolish whenever I post here but your insults will not drive me into silence.


Again with the use of one all-inclusive WE idiom… as if all persons are fishermen, and all fishermen demonstrate these forms of careless wastefulness.

Yours is the idiom of idiots.


No, there is no excuse, and they will have to change whether they like it or not- That old thing about having choices is coming to A screeching halt soon-It has to, things just can’t keep going on like this-
But, you know what, the older I get, the less and less ANY type of meat appeals to me- I could become A vegan quite naturally and my health would probably be much better now had I made that choice long ago-
But even Michael Pollen suggests eating those little oily fishies every once in A while-


Fishing is part of the culture and survival options of many an island and Alaskan Native people. I agree with your diatribes against meat-eating, but cut those who still include some fish in their diet some slack. You sound like a righteous authoritarian demanding that the entire world eat what’s on your plate and preferred by your taste-buds.


And just WHO is paying YOU to distract all of US and break up this conversation with petty, nit-picking bullshit?
Who is paying YOU??? I would like to know SR!!!


Bestialism? WTF…


Deny and make counter-allegations, eh?

It would never occur to a card carrying member of a paid gig that someone would uphold the ideal of teaching, educating, and raising consciousness for altruistic purposes.

You cannot conceive of what is outside of your own moral and spiritual range.

And because I do feel a commitment to show up to challenge the narrative of a group of not particularly intelligent, imaginative, or original thinkers who all say the same things and reinforce each other’s narrow narratives, I have been a target for some time. As you can see, I am indomitable BECAUSE I have Truth on my side, and the times call for brave articulations of THAT Truth. Truth today means challenging the memes, Talking Points, lies told often, official narratives, and lockstep storylines that are not just the collateral of the mainstream media. I meet THOSE on a daily basis right here.



Listen Lady, I have been where you will never go, risked more than you will ever risk and sacrificed more than you are worth- So there…


Oh, and I forgot, I will NEVER be as delusional or self centered as yours truly-