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Saving the Planet Means Fighting Bipartisan Corruption

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/21/saving-planet-means-fighting-bipartisan-corruption

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Democrats are better than Republicans on this issue.

By a margin so insignificant, the planet won’t know the difference.


Anyone who is aware won’t be able to now the difference either.


Ya know, it would be better if candidates didn’t take any bribes whatsoever. But how would they finance their campaigns?

If being a politician means billion dollar campaigns and being obligated to sell out to the highest bidder, why not do away with politicians altogether? They might be good as entertainment or distractions, but under their rule everything goes downhill. Politicians are counterproductive.

What if instead of housing and feeding these political parasites the oligarchy has saddled us with, We the People Inc. could get online bids by different companies to do the policing, fire fighting, providing essential goods and services and so on? We can hire and fire these companies depending on their performance and cost, just like all others.

Capitalists prefer competition. They shouldn’t mind if it is introduced in the management of this wildlife refuge we call our home.

Ban Fracking Bernie says. But also ban foreign sale of oil & gas produced by fracking. The US should not poison our air and water or produce earthquakes simply for profit. We have capped oil wells that can produce oil. Fracking produces dirty oil with dirty methods & produces devastatingly poisonous debris.

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Hands across the aisle

And around our throats


That word “corruption” is one to think about, I think. Maybe it’s just a big flaming, imprecise synonym of “evil” like so many abstract nouns we heedlessly fling about, in which case: Apparently, political leadership all over the world is evil. By their ravaged planet ye shall know them.

Looking forward to Halloween 2019, we can watch UK set a new style for national disintegration on this favorite holiday of naughty children… lots of stuff going wrong, all over. Unless stuff is supposed to go wrong, I suppose, because evil sits in the driver’s seat. The whole global jalopy seems to be sputtering, for some reason. Is this “corruption”? Forgive me for hitting my fave dict a sec:

corrupt v. t. To destroy or pervert the honesty or integrity of.

You see my problem, comparing this definition to reality? Just what is getting corrupted by this corruption, anyhow? In the case of USAmerica, we’re talking about a sacred Constitution crafted by Virginians like Jefferson, of whom we know far more than necessary to assess qualities such as honesty and integrity. “Jefferson was a great man of his time” the patriots insist.

Great cleverness, a strong acquisitive talent, perhaps. The record on Jefferson is known: he routinely raped his own slaves, sold the resulting increase in livestock (his children, that is, as human beings would regard them), and then recommended this profitable practice to his neighbors, boasting of earning “4% per annum” as a founding fucker.

If this is the USAmerican tradition, how our system is designed to operate, things are humming along just fine these days: straight to Hell in a specialized handbasket jalopy.


Love your sense of humor.

I never know when I’m being funny. Honestly have no clue. Just so it’s clear, the “4% per annum” thing is no joke. There’s documentation (the following from historum.com, my emphasis):

In a riveting new article in the current issue of the Smithsonian Magazine, the myth of Thomas Jefferson as a benevolent slaveholder is shattered. Though at the time he was writing the Declaration of Independence his writing were evidencing an anti-slavery leaning, he reversed course and became a more strident proponent of slavery, especially in the use of slaves to make a profit.

Jefferson in writing and letters showed how slaves were good investments and how slaves could bring in returns of 4% per annum. That slave ownership was a better form of investment than real estate. The article concludes that Jefferson was a pioneer of monetarizing slavery as well as being a pioneer in the industrialization and diversification of slave labor.

[EDIT: I removed the link to Smithsonian Magazine from this passage, because it’s paywalled now.]

It’s reminiscent of Scorsese’s great montage in “Goodfellas” showing exactly how the Mafia profits from selling protection. Except, instead of parting-out a bar by running up unplayable debts, paying off the cops, then torching the emptied out hulk, it’s US? Thank Assange for DNC’s emails! So much for truth!