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Say It Plain: Stop Spying on Us


Say It Plain: Stop Spying on Us

Sonali Kolhatkar

For ordinary Americans who realize that the government is likely spying on us all but don’t understand the extent of the issue and what to do about it, the recent debate over the USA Patriot Act in Congress has been confusing.


I have made this plea before: Will someone(s) within the intelligence agencies please have the courage to sacrifice yourselves for the good of the rest of us and dump EVERYTHING - names, places, operations, etc. - about all 17 agencies to the internet for the purpose of destroying them and ending them. They do far more harm than good. They are there to maintain American hegemony and empire, not to make the average American safer.


Our government excuses all in the name of making us safe, but who shall protect us from it? Secret courts, classified documents, surveillance at every corner, militarized police, elections for sale, largest prison population in the world … Stalin would be proud.


This Peeping-Tom government has to go.


One guy tried. His name is hacker Jeremy Hammond. He showed that private intel firms for Wall Street are rigging the stock market among other terrible things. They threw him in the slammer on trumped-up charges.


Scroll about halfway down.